New York Jets tight end Zach Sudfeld (82) tosses the football during a game against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

New York Jets ‘high’ on Zach Sudfeld

New York Jets backup tight end Zach Sudfeld didn’t do much in his rookie year after being a star during training camp and the preseason for the New England Patriots, but the Pats gave up on him just a month into the season. The Jets scooped up their rival’s UDFA find, but he was only able to catch five passes for 63 yards in a thoroughly unimpressive season that didn’t nearly match his preseason hype. Sudfeld’s lack of success has led to many people saying, “HAHA! I told you this is what happens when you overhype crappy UDFA players!” (some of these people also don’t know who LaAdrian Waddle is, or they have selective memory of the Detroit Lions rookie who starred last season at right tackle after putting himself on the map with a big August).

Anyway, there’s no doubt that Sudfeld is talented, and he has the upside to be a very good all-around tight end in this league. He is raw as a blocker and needs to work on his technique, but he excelled in that regard when in college at Nevada. His upside as a pass-catcher is pretty easy to see, but it’s obviously never easy to bank on upside. Still, Sudfeld isn’t someone to give up on, and it is imprudent to write off a diamond-in-the-rough UDFA after their rookie season.

The Jets organization is smarter than that, as a source tells Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News that the team’s “brain trust” is “high” on Sudfeld’s “potential”. This report came on the heels of the Jets unsurprising announcement to re-sign last year’s starting TE Jeff Cumberland. The Jets could add another TE this offseason in an effort to add more weapons for Geno Smith (I myself view adding a No. 1 WR as the biggest priority as far upgrading the pass-catching corps goes), but it’s good to hear that Sudfeld will still be someone to watch for.

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  • aceside420

    I’m happy with this article that’s saying we need some firepower someone like Brandon cooks type of guy quick fast Angie perfect routes and last of all could catch if we get a te we should get one back to block we don’t even know how good Sudfeld really is he could be our answer so I don’t want to waste a high pick and people should realize we not and win now situation no more.. this year is a build the offense plus prove it year if you like my comment please comment back

    • Joe Soriano

      I’m a big fan of Cooks, but I’m really hoping that the Jets can come away with Odell Beckham Jr. in the first.

      • aceside420

        Imagine if we had cooks, Sanders geno wll feel like he in West Virginia all over again 8) crooks remind me of Hopkins from the bangles and I have a feeling he will fall to us in 18 pick

      • Paul Newbold

        I like Beckham, no doubt he’d be an awesome addition to this team. I’d still grab Ebron over him on draft day though. If Ebron is gone I’d like to see them grab Beckham and then try to move back into the first to grab Amaro. If Jenkins were to fall into the late second, as some mockers are predicting, he’d be a great pick as well, though I see him as a larger receiver then a TE. Let the fun begin! Go Jets!

  • Paul Newbold

    Still quoting Mannish Mehta of the Daily Rag! The sportswriters over there a joke at best! Anyway, the Jets have neglected the tight end position for years, its time they get serious at the position. The league’s offenses have been taking advantage of big, athletic TEs for years now, while the Jets have been left behind. A TE is much more valuable to an offense then a WR just based on the number of plays they get involved in. A WR might be thrown to 10 times a game, where a TE will have that many opportunities in the passing game alone. Now factor in blocking for the run game, pass protection, and blitz pick up assignments and you have a player involved in most game day snaps! The Jets need a top notch all around TE! It is an over due commodity for this team! FA might be where they find their man, if not they need to at least take a good long look at TEs from the draft!