Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Freeman (12) warms up before the game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowksi-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Freeman has interest from Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders aren’t expected to draft a quarterback this year, but they are definitely in the market for a veteran quarterback this offseason. There are a number of solid veteran stopgap options available, and a few of them that have piqued the Raiders interest are Michael Vick, Josh Freeman, and Matt Schaub, per the San Francisco Chronicle’s Vic Tafur.

Tafur reports that Vick will likely sign with a team after the draft ends, and he’s also expected to have interest from the New York Jets (the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the third team with significant interest in adding a veteran QB, but they seem to be most interested in Josh McCown, who still has a good chance of re-signing with the Chicago Bears).

Like others, the Raiders are also going to wait things out and see what the Houston Texans do with Matt Schaub, and the organization seems to be just as high on him as the New York Jets are. While Schaub had an awful 2013 season, I still think he’s the best of the veteran QBs on the market due to his past success.

And lastly, Tafur adds that the Raiders are interested in Josh Freeman, but the mercurial quarterback makes absolutely no sense for them. Not only does he come with baggage, but he is very inconsistent. He has plenty of physical tools, but everything else is lacking. Honestly, I’m not sure he’s that much better than Terrelle Pryor, and it’s much wiser for them to look at Schuab or Vick.

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  • Pridenpoise

    Frankly I don’t like any of the QB’s available in FA, the Raiders would be wise to stick with McGloin or Pryor then to go with any of the guys you mentioned.

    • http://www.musketfire.com/ Joe Soriano

      I would definitely take Schaub and a healthy Vick over those two any day, and I’m not a fan of McGloin’s. I think the Raiders should sign a vet QB, but it should be an affordable, one-year deal in a stopgap role. That’s it. Pryor has always intrigued me, but the Raiders can’t put their eggs in those two QBs’s baskets and should try to secure a safe veteran.

      • Pridenpoise

        Well I guess we will have to agree to disagree, Vick is finished, he turns the ball over to much for my liking and he is always hurt, as for Schaub I’ve never liked him and he’s the reason that Houston has never progressed farther than they have imho, and after last season I wouldn’t touch the guy, it’s possible the Raiders need a veteran presence but it’s not any of these guys, as I said they are better off seeing what McGloin can do behind a O-Line that will hopefully be improved.

        • http://www.musketfire.com/ Joe Soriano

          Vick’s turnovers don’t worry me more than his injuries do, and his proneness to injury prevents him from being a reliable stopgap option.

        • Marc Guillory

          McGloin is horrible dude. He’s at best, AT BEST, a back-up…Raiders need a veteran starter. As for Vick, he’s not the 33rd ranked QB in the league…Before injury last year, his QBR was 86.5 I think. You correct that Vick turns ball over, but that was because Eagles line was horrendous and he was running for his life for the most part. I don’t like Schaub either but he’s middle of pack QB as well. After all, middle of the pack QBs are a lot better than what we’ve had since Gannon, so that is still an improvement

          • Pridenpoise

            Umm, Dude Vick is horrible, you tell me that Vicks problems stem from his horrible O-line, well I’m pretty sure McGloin would have had more success if he had the benefit of a decent O-Line. I’m not saying McGloin is the answer to our problems but he’s better than bringing in a bunch of rejects that are backups or on their last legs in the league. I would rather see what he can do with a solid line in front of him and not judge the guy after 8 games, which is stupid, judging a QB after 8 games played. I also don’t put any stock into someone who is going to tell me that a QB is destined to be a backup after a half season, but hey that’s just me.

          • Marc Guillory

            I watched every single game last year, and was at all 10 home games…McGloin, while performing decent when he played, is still a 3rd string QB. Vick is not horrible. He was starting for Eagles first 7 games last year, and having to run around all over the place. I’m sorry but he’d be the best QB we’ve had since Gannon. McGloin is only the answer when we lose both top QBs during season…AT BEST…not sure what tape you were watching on McGloin, but dude cant literally see whole field…AND, for every 2 passes he completes, 1 gets batted down at line…C’mon man, have some sense

          • Pridenpoise

            Because I don’t agree with you I have no sense, why don’t you grow up i’ve been watching Raiders games before you were an itch in your Daddy’s pants, and if you think Vick is the answer you’re high, the guy is injury prone and a turnover machine, I could care less how many games you attended, The best QB we’ve had since Gannon, lol, ya ok. Maybe the next time your watching a game that McGloin is playing the balls won’t be getting batted in his face because he will actually have some protection. If you like Vick so much I here the Bills have interest in him buy yourself a Bills Hat and be happy, because I know one thing McGloin will be on the roster in September, Vick won’t.

          • Marc Guillory

            No, you have no sense because you keep mentioning McGloin at QB. Like I said, he’s no greater than a 2nd string QB, at best, since you watched or, like me, were at 10 of 20 home games last year, its obvious that he has trouble getting ball over line, and doesn’t see the entire field very well. Perhaps he was a little better than Pryor, but we’re talking about two below-average QBs, and comparing the two. I, along with a lot of other people, would rather see Vick run around and win more than 4 games, for however long he can play, than go 4-12 again. Further, I am not sure that McGloin will be on roster if we sign a veteran starter and a backup and grab McCarron or Garopolos in draft.

          • Pridenpoise

            You and about ten other fucking morons “with no sense” are the only people that want to see a washed up bum as the QB, I’m confident in knowing that I’m in the majority, go hang out in the FB chats with the other dummy’s, and you can talk about Vick and Schaub. Idiot

          • Kenny Oliver

            I agree, McGLoin is terrible. Take away his game against Houston and he really didn’t even play that well last season. He also seemed to save his worst for the end of games.

      • Marc Guillory

        Joe, Josh Freeman is not even comparable to Terrelle Pryor…What are you talking about? Under Greg Olson, Freeman had his best years…He’s actually a better QB than Vick…Yes, he does have baggage, but its manageable…If it wasn’t for the fragility of Pryor and the state of the Raiders, we would have brought him in mid-season (that is, before Pryor’s injury). I sense that the Raiders will sign him to something like a 2 year deal, and make him compete for starter, should the Vick and Schaub quest not materialize. In any event, any QB that wants to start for the Raiders in August, needs to be in the OTA’s this Spring, in order to get into that playbook and have a solid grasp of what the Raiders want to do on offense – which I sense is ball control running, precision passing, and scoring TDs instead of all those FGs for which they often settle whenever they can get into redzone.

        • Fred

          Vick is much better than Freeman when Vick is healthy. But staying healthy seems to be Vick’s biggest problem. I’d still take a gamble on him before Freeman.

          • Marc Guillory

            Raiders have not had a QB that has finished season in 10 years, so that’s not really a biggie. Of course, if we sign Vick, gotta sign a competent back-up and draft a solid Rookie, who is realistically expected to compete for starter, 2015. Freeman threw for 3400 and 3500 respectively under Olson. You are correct, Freeman threw for 4k year Olson was fired, but under same system Olson established. Whichever the case, either Freeman or Vick needs to be signed before the OTAs, if there is any expectation of offensive continuity. Watching tape and learning the playbook essential to success, i.e., Russell Wilson went straight from draft to meet with OC right after draft and just consumed everything – by the time camp bagan, he was waaaay ahead of any other QB. Cant wait for Vick to decide after draft because he is not that adept at film and playbook comprehension to learn in one or two months.

  • PK

    Stick with McGloin make him comfortable and at best he can be the long term backup after this season

    • Pridenpoise

      That’s what I keep saying, is anyone else listening.

  • gary Adkins

    Ugh Freeman sucks, they better draft a QB somewhere in rounds2-4

    • http://www.musketfire.com/ Joe Soriano

      Yup, Freeman would be a terrible signing for this team.

  • Marc Guillory

    I actually do like Freeman, who threw for 4000 yards when Greg Olson was his OC in Tampa. New coach came in and they butted heads. While he does have baggage, I absolutely disagree with author of this story – that is, he’s not much better than Pryor…Pryor will never throw for 4000 yards even if he were starting for the Patriots…That being said, Schaub would be a step up, with a solid O-Line, and I would be cool with Vick, as long as we had a backup …maybe Kellen Clemons

    • Fred

      Nope, wasn’t Olson as OC…it was Mike Sullivan, and Freeman was throwing to Vincent Jackson, Mike Williams, and Doug Martin.

      • Marc Guillory

        Dude, what are you talking about??? Olson was OC who drafted Freeman

        • Fred

          The post wasn’t about who drafted Freeman Dude. You stated Olson was the OC when Freeman threw for 4K. Wrong. It wasn’t Olson as Freeman’s OC when Freeman threw for 4000 yards. When Freeman threw for 4 grand Schiano was the HC and Sullivan was the OC and that was in 2012. In fact, Freeman’s down year in 2011 is what contributed to getting Olson fired as OC. Check your facts dude. They are a terrible combination. And thank goodness Vincent Jackson was around during Freeman’s 4K year because there would have been a lot more INTs.

          • Marc Guillory

            From @NFL_ATL, not me:

            “On Thursday, Olson, who was offensive coordinator when the Bucs drafted Freeman, called the quarterback a “great player” and said he felt bad about how things ended with the Buccaneers.

            “You know, I’ve always been a fan of Josh’s,” Olson said, per ESPN.com. “I have a lot of respect for him, as a person and a player, and it’s unfortunate to me to watch what happened in Tampa … really over the last couple of years.”

            Freeman’s best seasons came with Olson as the play caller. With question marks behind starting quarterback Terrelle Pryor — Matt Flynn was demoted to third-string this week — a reunion in the Black Hole makes sense for both sides.”

          • Fred

            Looks like who wrote the article doesn’t know the facts. You can say the Bucs best record with Freeman was 10-6 in 2010 when Olson was OC, but Freeman’s best season (single) was under Sullivan, not Olson, and Freeman certainly did not good seasons (plural).

          • http://www.musketfire.com/ Joe Soriano

            2010 was Freeman’s best season:


            2010: 6
            2012: 17

            Yards per attempt tied at 7.3

            Completion percentage:

            2010: 61.4%
            2012: 54.8%

            Although he had more touchdown passes and yards thrown in 2012, Freeman also threw the ball around 75 more times in ’12 than he did in ’10.

          • http://www.musketfire.com/ Joe Soriano

            But yes, Freeman threw for over 4,000 yards under Sullivan and not Olson. Still doesn’t mean he was “better” that year, though.

          • Fred

            Okay…I will buy 2010 was his best season. Certainly showed the most promise, only to fall flat in 2012, start well but sputter end of 2012, and totally out of body experience in 2013. That said, I think Raiders are asking for disaster to sign him. Again, he lived in my town and we liked him. Nice guy. But he went south in there somewhere.

  • friendship220

    Freeman + Olson – Suck + Suck = Not Suck?

    Some of you Freeman fanboys need to realize that in 2 of the 3 years Olson was the offensive coordinator and Freeman was the QB, the Tampa Bay QBs had a lower passer rating than the Raider did last year.

    By Olson’s standards, the Raider QBs did well. Out of 7 years offensive coordinating, his teams did worse than the Raiders 4 times, and better than the Raiders 2 times.

    Also noteworthy is that Olson’s offenses typically have a terrible running game. They throw a lot, and not very well. In fact, 3 of 7 Olson OC years his QBs passer ratings were in the bottom 4. One of the worst 4 teams at passer rating almost half the time.

    Seriously, it’s really bad. I want Freeman nowhere near the Raiders and Olson nowhere near the Raiders.

    Pryor + Vick + Sparano run first offense like the Seahawks – dominant, perhaps unstoppable at times.

    Vick might’ve lost some of his speed. Often, when QBs physical gifts start to fail, their production decreases, and they’re out of the league. And Vick is getting slower, no doubt.
    He might only be the 3rd or 4th fastest QB in the NFL. Hmm. Vick could be 55 before he gets as slow as some of these starting QBs, and his arm has always been strong. Vick at 55 is about as fast and has about as strong an arm as Flynn does now. If there’s some sort of mental component to the game that he’s lacking, and some suggest there is, who knows, maybe he’ll pick it up around 2030 when he’s about as fast as Manziel is now. Was it Randall Cunningham that had that great season with the Vikings so many years after he entered the league as an Eagle?

    I wouldn’t mind the Raiders having some superextra balls, signing Pryor and Vick to long-term contracts, maybe loaded with team-related performance bonuses. If the Raiders win the Super Bowl, you get a million, or 10 million, doesn’t matter whether you’re the starter or if you’re playing WR. The 2 fastest QBs in NFL history on the field at the same time. It’s tough enough for defenses to stop just Pryor or just Vick, but having to stop both at the same time would be quite difficult. If you know that Plan A is Pryor and/or Vick running as much as possible, in addition to power running up the middle, you aren’t going to have a bunch of tiny WRs on the field and you aren’t going to have finesse pass blocking oliners. You’re going to physically dominate with size, especially, and speed. More than 5 oliners. Oliners playing tight end, mostly blocking, but also with some pass catching abilities. The TEs are playing WR. One WR is plenty fast, is very tall, and is a very good jumper. Might as well have the fastest guy in the NFL somewhere, can’t hurt. A wide variety of running backs, or football players carrying the ball. It might be difficult to tackle a guy who is the same height 6’1 and speed 4.68 as Arian Foster, but 59 pounds heavier. That would be Aaron Donald – 6’1 285 4.68 – he could pick up the running game pretty quick – run through the hole and block or avoid being tackled – he was the Outland winner. It’s pretty easy to see how this could just dominate without too much in the way of cost, even. By doing something a little different, by having slightly different priorties than other teams, we get quality without having the price bid up.

    • Gus Gustoffson

      I like ur optimism, but that could be the stupidest thing I’ve ever read…congrats

  • Fred

    Freeman is an interception machine, assuming you ever get him to come to work. He showed great promise coming off the bench in 2009 and led the Bucs to a win. Raheem Morris was HC and Greg Olson was OC. In 2010 the Bucs had fluke year at 10-6 with few good players on the roster, and Freeman had a decent year, known as the hardest working guy on the team. Still under Morris/Olson in 2011, Freeman nosedived in Week 7 and the Bucs went 3-13. Morris/Olson were fired. Schiano as HC and Mike Sullivan as OC got Freeman to a 4,000 year but he still had big problems with accuracy and interceptions. It was a WR like Vincent Jackson who can go get and steal the ball who saved Freeman easily another 10 picks in 2012. In early 2013, Freeman started missing personal and team events. He didn’t even show up for a QB camp for kids that he organized and sponsored. Then it got worse, missing the team photo, and it seemed his own team mates lost confidence in him, not electing him as team captain for 2013. He had a terrible preseason and first three games. Yes, had a rift with the same coach who helped him with getting 4,000 yards. That too seems like a fluke. There is not reason Olson should want to take a chance on Freeman, who got him fired once already.

  • Beezy

    Freeman is a lot better than Pryor. Not that I believe he is Oakland answer buy any means. Pryor is athletically gifted but an awful QB. Not sure why people refuse to admit to it.