Jan 4, 2014; Philadelphia, PA, USA; New Orleans Saints running back Darren Sproles (43) carries the ball during the fourth quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles during the 2013 NFC wild card playoff football game at Lincoln Financial Field. The Saints defeated the Eagles 26-24. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Updated Super Bowl Odds After First Week of Free Agency

After the first week of free agency, Las Vegas has updated their odds board for the Super Bowl. THe Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles had the biggest jumps in odds.

The Denver Broncos made a number of moves in free agency to upgrade their team, but all the big names that they brought over in free agency still has bot made them the favorites to win the Super Bowl. The Seahawks are still the favorites after the first week in free agency.

Here are the updated odds courtesy of Bovada, (www.Bovada.lv, Twitter: @BovadaLV).

                                                           Odds on 2/3/14             Current Odds (3/18/14)   

Seattle Seahawks                                  9/2                                6/1
Denver Broncos                                    8/1                                7/1
San Francisco 49ers                              15/2                              15/2
New England Patriots                            14/1                              9/1
Green Bay Packers                                16/1                              10/1
Philadelphia Eagles                               25/1                              18/1
Indianapolis Colts                                  28/1                              20/1
New Orleans Saints                               18/1                              22/1
Carolina Panthers                                  25/1                              25/1
Chicago Bears                                      25/1                              28/1
Arizona Cardinals                                  33/1                              33/1
Atlanta Falcons                                     25/1                              33/1
Baltimore Ravens                                  40/1                              33/1
Cincinnati Bengals                                 25/1                              33/1
Houston Texans                                    40/1                              33/1
Kansas City Chiefs                                28/1                              33/1
Pittsburgh Steelers                                33/1                              33/1
San Diego Chargers                              33/1                              33/1
Dallas Cowboys                                    33/1                              40/1
Detroit Lions                                         33/1                              40/1
New York Giants                                   33/1                              40/1
St. Louis Rams                                     40/1                              40/1
Cleveland Browns                                  66/1                              50/1
Miami Dolphins                                     50/1                              50/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers                         50/1                              50/1
Washington Redskins                            40/1                              50/1
Minnesota Vikings                                 75/1                              66/1
New York Jets                                       50/1                              66/1
Buffalo Bills                                          75/1                              75/1
Tennessee Titans                                   50/1                              75/1
Oakland Raiders                                    75/1                              100/1
Jacksonville Jaguars                             100/1                            150/1


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  • Old Frog

    This would seem to indicate there’s no need to panic about not having any major/expensive FA signings. We’re not in the hunt for the SB no matter what we do (unless we get really lucky) so save the money and build towards next year. Even with a worse DL than last year, the odds makers still have us about where we ended up last year.

    • Johnny

      Yeh .. But teams have to spend so much towards the cap… Can’t be too under the cap… Plus don’t forget another 6 mil towards rookie class

  • Cataclysm Bitb

    How does Caroline not have worse odds after they lost all their WRs?

    • Johnny

      And Cam for 4 months

  • Johnny

    Funny!!! Dolphins were 50/1 before Free Agency and now after Free Agency?? 50/1… Ha… That’s just to show how Phins did in FA.. They had a lot of $$$ to spend and didn’t spend as much as they should… And the OLine really didn’t get better still needing 2 guards and a RT… Draft can’t fill all those needs.. Now we got to sit around and pickup some guys that get cut..

    • ricdram

      The Fish also signed CFinnegan who is “TOAST”! I know, I’m a Ram fan.The signing of SSmith is ok though. He is a semi-solid G(b/u).

  • Chris Schroeder

    Whoever put these odds together is retarded.

  • Fred

    This is big-time bogus. Okay, I can see how Revis makes the Pats better, and how Talib helps the Broncos a slight bit. But how can you tell me that the Panthers losing all four WRs with nothing to go on right now doesn’t change their odds? And that’s before Cam Newton goes down for months. How can you say the Bucs don’t improve with a major overhaul that includes clear cast of top players at 7 of 22 starting positions, and totally dumping a coaching staff for team of proven winners? Not buying any of this.