New York Jets running back Mike Goodson (23) stiff arms Pittsburgh Steelers inside linebacker Vince Williams (98) during the first half at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Goodson, New York Jets restructure deal

New York Jets No. 2 running back Mike Goodson was set to make $1 million in base salary next season with a $650,000 roster bonus, but the Jets have unsurprisingly restructured his deal following some major injury and off-field issues in his first year with the organization after signing a three-year deal last offseason. ESPN New York’s Rich Cimini reports that the Jets and Goodson have restructured his deal so that his 2014 cap hit will go down from $1.9 million to $1.28 million. This gap leads Cimini to believe that the Jets restructured his $650,000 roster bonus, and it would honestly be a surprise if this weren’t the case.

Last season, Goodson appeared in just two games after tearing his ACL and MCL in mid-October. He missed the first four games of the season for violating the league’s substance abuse policy and only managed to play in the Week 5 and 6 games against the Atlanta Falcons and Pittsburgh Steelers. Goodson had a nice seven carries for 61 yards and two receptions for 19 yards in a limited role in both of those games, but he was still a major disappointment.

The 26-year-old will be cheap in 2014, and he still has upside for the Jets. Goodson has the tools to be a good backup for Chris Ivory, and we all remember his very good 2010 season with the Carolina Panthers when he averaged 4.4 yards per carry on 103 carries and also added 40 receptions. It’s going to be interesting to see if he can give the Jets that sort of needed all-purpose ability next season, and his talent and potential value outweigh his off-field issues and injuries enough so that John Idzik feels comfortable enough to keep him following a restructuring.

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  • Roast Beef

    I completely forgot he was on the roster. But from what I remember he did have some pretty good plays during his few games.

    • Joe Soriano

      He did, and I always enjoyed watching him in Carolina. Those flashes and his talent are the only reasons why he’s still on the roster, though, because his off-field stuff really jumps out at you.

  • maafla1

    When he played he was productive. Hopefully he has put all the BS from last season behind him.

  • Paul Newbold

    Sad day. Talented or not this guy shouldn’t have been resigned, cheaply or not. The right thing to do was cut him after the arrest for guns and drugs, public intoxication, and hollow point bullets. I know…I know….none of it was his……maybe. He still has legal issues though and may or may not be available when the season rolls around. The stuff may or not be his, but it speaks volumes to his judgement and character that he was involved in the first place. I just don’t see wasting a roster spot on this guy, talented or not!

    • Joe Soriano

      “Hollow point bullets”. That’s the part of the incident that disturbed me the most.

  • AC

    Why are the Jets concentrating on these old, washed up backs, when clearly Bilal Powell has proven to be a good spell for Ivory. We have 12 draft picks. Try to find a sleeper RB in the later rounds that also can catch balls out of the backfield. There’s no way CJ2K or MJD last a whole season, even in a role off the bench. Goodson should not have been resigned either. I think our scouts are horrible. Even though it looks like he is done now, how can the Texans find an Arian Foster off the street and we can’t even find someone who is already a professional? If the Texans hadn’t overused Foster (and he decided not to be a vegan) he might not have gotten hurt so badly. Amazing how one year someone can be talked about constantly, and then after an injury, pooof…the media doesn’t mention you once.

    • Joe Soriano

      Foster is mentioned all the time, not sure what you mean by that. Anyway, it’s incredibly difficult to find those late-round or UDFA guys, because there are several scrubs you’ve never heard of for every great find like Foster. Plus, Foster was a well-known player in college, but he fell off draft boards b/c of typical BS character issues.

      I agree that the Jets should try to at least find that kind of a sleeper RB, but I wouldn’t call Goodson “old” (he’s 26) or Powell, who doesn’t average more than four yards per carry, a “good” backup option.

      • AC

        Last year after he was injured I didn’t hear Foster’s name once. You are missing the point. If Idzik’s blueprint is to build through the draft, and you want another guy in the backfield, then draft one late. And if you have good scouts you can find a viable RB later in the draft. The O-line has a lot to do with their success. I would take a look at Powell’s average after he came in for Ivory, someone who beats down defenses with a bruising running style, and see what he averages. I’m not even against keeping Goodson for a year, but I think its kind of a strange move for Idzik. Then again, nobody really knows what he is thinking as of now anyway, so its all speculation. People say “Oh, they told us we were gonna have a ton of cap space to spend money this offseason, what happened?” Well, Idzik never said that, the media expected it.

        • Joe Soriano

          I don’t think it’s a strange move for Idzik, because Idzik is all about trying to find as much value as possible. He’s a cap guy who inherited a cap mess in New York, so he’s always looking for cheaper options. Goodson qualifies as that after taking a paycut.

          We’re both on point with the fact that we believe the Jets should go for a late-round RB, and it is true that better scouts correlate to finding better sleeper RBs (look at the rival Pats as an example with finding a guy like Brandon Bolden the year before). I view Henry Josey and Ben Malena as those kinds of sleepers (Josey is a personal favorite of mine).

          As for the Foster-media stuff, most players don’t get talked about much following their injury, because they aren’t on the field during the regular season nor are they talking points in the offseason if they aren’t an impending FA or the subject of rumors. Foster gets plenty of credit in the media, even though I’m sure there are a few people who don’t give him the right amount of respect.