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Mike Jenkins signs with Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Arizona Cardinals showed a significant amount of interest in bringing in veteran cornerback Mike Jenkins as a flier signing to add depth in the secondary. The Cardinals and Buccaneers have added cornerbacks yesterday, but the Cards instead went for a big splash at the position by signing the talented-but-inconsistent Antonio Cromartie to a one-year deal. Meanwhile, the Buccaneers have announced the signing of Mike Jenkins after hosting him on a free agent visit on Monday (the Cards worked him out shortly after but showed reported interest in him earlier).

Jenkins had a decent market in free agency despite another ho-hum year, and the 2013 season with the Oakland Raiders was his first outside of the Dallas Cowboys organization. The 28-year-old looked like a star in the making after the 2009 season when he had a whopping 19 passes defended, but he never again played that well and has been a disappointment ever since. He’s turned into a cornerback who gets burned too frequently, but the top-notch talent has always remained.

I am a fan of the Buccaneers decision to sign Jenkins to what will likely be a cheap and presumably short-term contract. He received some decent interest on the free agent market, and he’s a decent corner all told. Even though he’s burn-prone and hasn’t met up to his expectations, he can make plays, has talent, experience, and the versatility to play inside or outside. The Bucs needed depth at CB, and they were able to get it by signing Jenkins.

Update: Jenkins’s deal is for one year, and that’s simply the way it should be.

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