Jan 19, 2014; Seattle, WA, USA; San Francisco 49ers fans David Marmoleo and Renee Marmoleo cheer before the 2013 NFC Championship football game against the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

49ers New Stadium: No Kegs, No Loud Music, No Playing Football

The San Francisco 49ers have a new home and a new stadium. They will enjoy the new digs and the fans will all love it as well, but there are a few things that the fans are going to kick some rocks about.

In the new digs, the fans will not be able to bring in kegs. They will still bring them in, they just are not allowed to. They will have to hide it under a table-cloth or something random like that.

They won’t be able to play any loud music… at least when the cops are around. They will just have to lower it down when the po-po comes rolling through.

Finally, they won’t be able to toss the football around. Again, people are going to throw the football around. It is banned in a few stadiums, but people still toss the football around and clank the ball on some cars in the parking lot.

These are a few of the new rules for the new digs. Can’t say that they will all be followed by everyone. It is almost like the speed limit. Just a bit of a guideline for everyone and when the cops come rolling through you hit the brakes hard as if nothing ever happened.

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