DeSean Jackson chooses his number with the Redskins

After signing with the Washington Redskins earlier this week, DeSean Jackson seemingly put some of his troubles with the Eagles behind him. It was not long after before Jackson did what he does best and started to ruffle some feathers in his new home. He revived all those sentiments that Jackson is “all about me,’ selfish, and willing to say just about anything to the media:

We don’t know the context of this statement, whether he would seriously try to convince RGIII to change his number, or what. Personally, I think asking the QB, captain, existing face of the franchise, and owner of the 11th highest selling jersey in the NFL is absolutely ridiculous and a lot of Redskins fans agree with me. The thought probably shouldn’t have even crossed his mind, yet somehow made its way to the ears of Adam Schefter.

Luckily for Skins fans and those sick of hearing about DeSean Jackson, he chose his new number and RGIII did not. Jackson chose #11, shown in the tweet below.

As funny as it would have been to watch another big Redskins signing blow up in their face, this time barely hours after the signature, I’m glad we narrowly avoided this one. I can’t deal with anymore DeSean Jackson talk for now. I will be holding my breath until he inevitably asks for a new contract after his first 100-yard game.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • SactoSteve

    Pretty harsh. The guy gets fired for unproven “gang ties” (he should sue the Eagles for defamation), when the real reason was that he didn’t get along with his head coach (really shocking in the NFL, eh?) and they thought they were paying him too much.

    Most decent folk would be rooting for the guy to redeem himself and prove the Eagles wrong. But I guess your hatred of the Redskins trumps any chance you’ll be hoping for a happy ending.

    I encourage you to hold your breath until DeSean asks for a new contract. Let us know when you turn purple and are ready to pass out.

    • Conor Cahill

      I think the “gang ties” claim is absolute BS. Didn’t mention it once. But, I think you are forgetting how much of a headache he was in Philly. Asking for more money, arguments/ fights on the sideline, premature TD celebrations, etc. The gang stuff is ridiculous to me and I ignore it as an excuse. You can’t ignore the things that came from his own mouth and were broadcast on national TV.

      • David Dorman

        Lets not forget that T.O. was a diva but he was the reason the Eagles finally got to the Superbowl and took their game to the next level.

        • Conor Cahill

          TO was also a top 5 receiver in the history of the NFL, statistically speaking . DJax certainly is not. TO was also eventually released for similar reasons.

          • David Dorman

            TO played for 14 years or so, thus the HOF career. He also never had a season with over 1300 yds with the Eagles. The point I make is that a player like that changes the way a team defends you. Without a guy to stretch the field and be a home run hitter like Jackson was, things will be different.

          • Conor Cahill

            Haha ya I’m not arguing that DJax wasn’t good. Am I still surprised Kelly didn’t at least try to make it work like they did with Cooper? Definitely. Does Jackson have elite speed that Kelly needs to succeed? For sure. But was he worth the headache? The Eagles sure didn’t think so and I don’t blame them.

          • David Dorman

            I didn’t realize he was such a headache, I don’t remember hearing he was punished or benched. I mean time will only tell if they made the right decision but giving up a #1 WR, losing him to a rival in the division, and getting nothing for him? Damn! He must have been horrible to deal with or someone messed up….thats all I’m saying

          • Conor Cahill

            I think that was the problem. They didnt ever punish him, just let him walk all over everyone, and then were upset when he continued to act out. I think its very petty of the Eagles organization to either embellish or capitalize on the “gang ties” story to excuse releasing him.

    • Ryan

      You clearly don’t know the situation. He was cut because of missed meetings fights with WR coach that were so bad they didn’t talk by end of the season and bad work ethic in general. It’s pretty hard to sue the Eagles for defamation when the Eagles never said one word about the man aside from we are releasing him. That’s it. People have complained because they have said so little. Get it right before you Write Dumb things On The Internet

  • David Dorman

    Its all speculation at this point except for some minor issues in behavior which have been mentioned. The Redskins had Fred Davis who slept during meetings and had behavior issues, so they benched him to try to straighten him out. It didn’t work so eventually he was cut. To my knowledge the Eagles haven’t done much to discipline DJax and the word is that Kelly thinks he can easily plug another player in his system instead of dealing with it. Some fans say they are OK with it but I’ve seen far more say the front office failed them by not attempting a trade or disciplining him 1st..only time will tell but I think DJax and the Skins made off better so far. The Skins contract apparently has exit clauses for issues in performance, legal problems, or after year 2. The Redskins covered their bases and I think won out on this.

  • trinity

    Lol the eagles f*cked themselves majorly with this. People can try to act like it’s ok, but the fact is they got rid of their biggest offensive weapon, and he went to a freaking division rival. Lol you eagles fans better pray that chip Kelly is as smart as he seems to think he is, or it is going to be a loooooog season.