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2014 NFL Mock Draft: QBs land in unexpected places



1. Houston Texans
Player Name: Blake Bortles
Position, School: QB, Central Florida

2. St. Louis Rams (from Washington)
Player Name: Greg Robinson
Position, School: OT, Auburn

3. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name: Sammy Watkins
Position, School: WR, Clemson

4. Cleveland Browns
Player Name: Jake Matthews
Position, School: OT, Texas A&M

5. Oakland Raiders
Player Name: Mike Evans
Position, School: WR, Texas A&M

6. Atlanta Falcons
Player Name: Jadeveon Clowney
Position, School: DE, South Carolina

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Player Name: Teddy Bridgewater
Position, School: QB, Louisville

8. Minnesota Vikings
Player Name: Khalil Mack
Position, School: OLB/DE, Buffalo

9. Buffalo Bills
Player Name: HaHa Clinton-Dix
Position, School: S, Alabama

10. Detroit Lions
Player Name: Justin Gilbert
Position, School: CB, Oklahoma State

11. Tennessee Titans
Player Name: Anthony Barr
Position, School: OLB/DE, UCLA

12. New York Giants
Player Name: Eric Ebron
Position, School: TE, North Carolina

13. St. Louis Rams
Player Name: Marquise Lee
Position, School: WR, Southern California

14. Chicago Bears
Player Name: C.J. Mosley
Position, School: ILB, Alabama

15. Pittsburgh Steelers
Player Name: Calvin Pryor
Position, School: S, Louisville

16. Dallas Cowboys
Player Name: Aaron Donald
Position, School: DT, Pittsburgh

17. Baltimore Ravens
Player Name: Taylor Lewan
Position, School: OT, Michigan

18. New York Jets
Player Name: Brandin Cooks
Position, School: WR, Oregon State

19. Miami Dolphins
Player Name: Xavier Sua-Filo
Position, School: OG, UCLA

20. Arizona Cardinals
Player Name: Derek Carr
Position, School: QB, Fresno State

21. Green Bay Packers
Player Name: Kyle Fuller
Position, School: CB, Virginia Tech

22. Philadelphia Eagles
Player Name: Darqueze Dennard
Position, School: CB, Michigan State

23. Minnesota Vikings (trade with Kansas City)
Player Name: Johnny Manziel
Position, School: QB, Texas A&M

24. Cincinnati Bengals
Player Name: Stephen Tuitt
Position, School: DE, Notre Dame

25. San Diego Chargers
Player Name: Kony Ealy
Position, School: DE, Missouri

26. Cleveland Browns (from Indianapolis)
Player Name: David Yankey
Position, School: OG, Stanford

27. New Orleans Saints
Player Name: Dee Ford
Position, School: DE, Auburn

28. Carolina Panthers
Player Name: Zack Martin
Position, School: OT/OG, Notre Dame

29. New England Patriots
Player Name: Kelvin Benjamin
Position, School: WR, Florida State

30. San Francisco 49ers
Player Name: Odell Beckham Jr.
Position, School: WR, Louisiana State

31. Denver Broncos
Player Name: Timmy Jernigan
Position, School: DT, Florida State

32. Seattle Seahawks
Player Name: Gabe Jackson
Position, School: OG, Mississippi State

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  • Kyle Smith

    Absolutely no way Clowney falls to 6.

    I’m a vikes fan and if he’s available by 4-5 I bet you we trade up to get him if he’s still there which he won’t be.

    But I do like the fact that we would get Mack in this mock. That is fine by me.

    Just my opinion!!

    • Mosstoss17

      I agree on Mack to Minnesota as well. But remember Mike Zimmer is very good at finding late round gems at linebacker (Vontaze Burfict). Clowney shouldn’t fall to 6, but you never know. He won’t get passed 6, if anything someone will trade up if Jax doesn’t grab him.

  • Jarod Cook

    No way do they take 2 OL players in the 1st rd, OL does need a face lift but they’ve got to many other needs. Not that I personal would be against taking to quality OL players early, they just have to many needs. Also OG’s are a dime a dozen and they can wait till the mid rounds when they’ve got multiple picks. Not to mention most fans would go irate and there would probably be riots in the streets if it happened.

    • Mosstoss17

      If your referring to Cleveland, they will grab a QB in 2-3, possibly go defense the rest of the way. Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron are stars, coaches have faith in Hoyer, now they just need to give him time to throw.

      • Jarod Cook

        Yeah I reworded sentence and forgot to put Cleveland in there. I’m hoping they hold off on drafting a QB early, IMO the top QB’s in this draft are no better then the so called second tier QB’s. There’s to many question marks surrounding them, and with Cleveland’s luck they’ll end up with goat of the bunch. The OL can use some help taking Matthews or Robinson(if available) at #4 would go a long way to improving the OL. Schwartz is a good player and IMO would be a better fit at RG then at RT, as well as switching to a zone scheme should help him. Taking a LG can wait till the mid rounds, because interior OL players are always overlooked and end up dropping in the draft. Also people forget that they signed UFA Chris Faulk from LSU after last years draft. He was projected as a 1st round draft pick but blew his knee out at the begging of collage season, so he went undrafted. Could be a possible dark horse to start at LG.
        I do think Hoyer deserves a shoot, but with such a small sample size last year it’s hard to say if he’s the answer or not. Should be helped out if they actual use the draft to bring in good OL players. As well as they signed Tate and have Lewis, Baker, Whitaker, and Ogbonnaya. So hopefully with improved OL can get a decent running game going this year, to take some pressure off of him. Regardless they still need to draft a QB, because at the moment only have 2 on the roster. Would like to see them take a QB in the 3rd or 4th, as well as take a QB in the 6th or 7th rounds. For early pick I like Mettenberger, and for late pick I’d like to seem them pick up Brett Smith from Wyoming.

        • Mosstoss17

          I have Minnesota getting Mettenberger if not Manziel, just because of Norv Turners infatuation with big, pocket passers who have strong arms. But good input about the O-line! I like that. Cleveland has always been unconventional, so drafting 2 O-lineman might not be such a shock coming from them. Browns really like Carr as well, out of all the QBs they have stated multiple times they like Carr. I could see them grabbing him at 26 (if he’s there) I doubt they spent the 4th pick on him.

          • Jarod Cook

            I hate to use the what if and maybes when it comes to projecting athletes. But what if Hoyer has a good year this season. That would pretty much cement him in as starter for the foreseeable future. So if they drafted a QB with one of there first 3 picks, it will be wasted on a guy who’s now going to be a backup. If they plan on sitting a guy for a year two so he can develop, they shouldn’t be wasting premium picks on that player. 1st and 2nd round picks should be used on players you plan on starting right away, and can provide an immediate impact on a team.
            I know they’re holding workouts with all the QB’s and rumor’s are saying they like Carr, but you can say that about every team that’s in need of a QB. Personal I hope it’s all smoke and mirrors and use their early picks to bring in skilled players that can provide an immediate impact. And show some patience and wait on a QB till the mid rounds. Wouldn’t be surprised if QB’s don’t end up falling like they did in last ears draft. Not to say that 2 or 3 won’t be taking in the 1st round, but don’t see 4 of them going in the 1st this year.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dean.thomas.5496 Dean Thomas

    With Clowney & Mack on the board, no way Oakland takes a WR not named Watkins with the #5. Mack all the way!