2014 NFL Free Agency: 20 Best Additions

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Sep 22, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford (8) is sacked in the third quarter by Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware (94) at AT&T Stadium. This was Ware

Hey NFL SpinZoners, what’s happening? This has been a wild off-season in the NFL, perhaps one of the most wild off-seasons on record. As (Date of Free Agency) came around, Free Agency opened and brought to the NFL some major trades and major free agent signings. Initially I was going to run a piece on the 10 best off-season additions, however with the amount of teams exchanging players and dropping big budget contracts, I was forced to add another 10 players to the list.

In this article about the 2014 NFL Off-Season, I will be breaking down the contracts and implications of the 20 biggest free agent signings. I will highlight how the player’s new team will benefit from their presence and how the player’s old team either has or will need to fill the vacant position left by that player. A disclaimer for those of you reading this: (This is NOT a ranked list! So, do not comment about how I’m biased towards the Bears because Julius Peppers is listed first. This list is in no particular order).

Thus, without further explanation, let’s get this show on the road. Click that right arrow key, kiddos! (or adults, the majority you guys are most likely adults).


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  • MisterTTT35

    The best cornerback in the league is 12th and look at the guys in front of him. This is a prime example as to why fans shouldn’t be journalists, they lack objectivity!

    • David Mallow

      Revis is not the best CB in the league, he used to be but I would take Sherman, Talib, Verner or even Tillman over Revis…

      • MisterTTT35

        I’m so glad you aren’t my teams GM, I’m not going to even insult your comments because they are delusional and without the slightest but if merit. Sherman is the only other CB in this league that is on the level of Revis.

      • Jake

        I must take back my insult of Vikings fans now finally someone respects tillmans line of work can’t believe he hasn’t been a perennial pro bowler just becuase the rest of the bears team sucked for so long he was easily one of the best when u need a turnover this man has always stepped up and got it via int, or the peanut punch

  • Jake

    He said at the beginning of the article that it isn’t in order of how good the player some ppl.. SMH you might have less intelligence than those Vikings fans on the comments section of BR teamstream

    • MisterTTT35

      You are correct and unlike every other person who comments on here I can admit I was wrong. To the author of the article I apologize for my oversight!

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  • Bob E.

    Guys like Alteraun Verner are younger difference makers… Im a fan of Peppers and of course Allen, but they are both well on the decline of their respective careers. Questionable top choices.

  • Billy Schwandt

    What about Captian Munerlyn and Lidall Joseph of the Vikings or are you a Viking hater?