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Ryan Mallett makes sense for Minnesota Vikings


In all fairness to Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel, Minnesota is desperate for a quarterback. Ponder, who was selected 11th overall in 2011, has had multiple opportunities to show he’s the guy. Cassel, just recently signed a two-year extension with the team, but presumably as a back-up. Unfortunately for Ponder, he has become expendable, and the team is now in search of another signal caller. Why not Ryan Mallett?

According to many NFL experts, Minnesota should use their number eight overall pick on a quarterback. For example, draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah explains Minnesota could very well find their guy at number eight. Jeremiah writes:

” The Vikings could find their long-term answer with the No. 8 overall pick, or they could take a passer in the second round and use their first pick to upgrade their defense.”

Top QB prospects Blake Bortles, Teddy Bridgewater, and Johnny Manziel would all fit in nicely with Minnesota and be an instant improvement at the position. But after reaching for Christian Ponder in 2011, should Minnesota take a QB as high as number 8? Here comes the Ryan Mallett argument.

At 6’6” and 245 pounds, Mallett has had the luxury of learning from Bill Belichick and Tom Brady for three seasons in New England. His size and frame make him ideal for a Norv Turner offense. Other big, pure pocket passers who have learned under Turner, such as Troy Aikman and Philip Rivers, have flourished in his system.

Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer has expressed the possibility of drafting defense with the number eight pick. DE Khalil Mack, for example, would answer the loss of former DE Jared Allen. Also, Minnesota has a need at CB. Michigan State’s Darqueeze Dennard, or Oklahoma State’s Justin Gilbert could fit well with the Vikings. Since New England isn’t demanding a first rounder for Mallett, Minnesota could address defense early in the draft and select a QB in the later rounds.

I believe there is much more to Mallett than just size and arm strength. For example, his ability to play in cold weather would suit perfectly in Minnesota. Over the next two seasons, the Vikings will be playing outdoors as their new stadium is under construction.

Mallett has also shown he’s a very good play action QB. A feat that will favor both Mallett and All-Pro running back, Adrian Peterson. Peterson, who ran for 1,266 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2013, is 29 years old. Though it’s obvious he still has plenty left in the tank, history has shown that after turning 30 very few running backs have had much success.

Aside from Peterson, TE Kyle Rudolph, wideouts Greg Jennings and Jerome Simpson, and last years rookie sensation Cordarrelle Patterson will join whoever Minnesota decides to name as their signal caller.

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  • guest

    Depends on what your giving away, but yeah…I wouldn’t mind having him on the team at all. If the team for whatever reason is unable to get a decent QB in later rounds, then he’d be a nice fit if worst comes to worst. I can’t picture the Vikes taking a QB with the 8th pick at this point.

    • Danny Helms Jr.

      I believe if Minnesota gets in position to draft a QB after the first round, it wouldn’t make much sense. For example, if Mettenberger is in our drafting reports, then why not Mallett? Both guys have strong arms, played in SEC, and big pocket presence, but Mallett has learned from BB and Brady for 3 seasons.

  • unclejesse40

    Would be curious to get your opinion on what you think it would take to get him?

    • David Mallow

      it has been said by NE that they want no less than a second round pick for him… I say get it done.. they are probably going to trade down in thefirst to get an extra 2nd and 4th anyways,so why not

    • Cataclysm Bitb

      As a Pats fan, I think no one would trade for him for more than a 3rd or 4th.. Mallet hasn’t been on the field very much other than in preseason. Mallet does have a rocket for an arm.

    • Edward Kirby

      Theoretically, if the Pats traded Mallet and their one to, say, the Cards for their one, that would do it. Essentially, that would be Mallet for a low second/high third rounder. If that is too high — and it probably is — then NE can toss in a low round pick or two to sweeten the deal.

      More than a few articles have suggested the Cards may pick a QB with their one.

  • bk

    Too bad the Patriots didn’t let him play in some of their blowouts so teams could see how he plyed during real games… this may have increased his value.

    • Paul V. Suffriti

      Pats defense sucked the past three years (even longer) and no lead was safe enough to take Brady out of the game.

      • Edward Kirby

        Even against the Jets? :-P

  • KW UST

    I love this and have been saying it for weeks now, that Mallett would be a good get. If it’s true that the Vikings are eyeing Mettenberger, why on earth would they not try and get Mallett (who has 3 NFL seasons under his belt to learn from Brady, he’s kept his nose clean, he doesn’t have an ACL issue, and he actually won a big game or two in college.

    The Pats won’t be able to get a 2nd for him. He has one year left on his contract and he hasn’t proven he can be a starter. The trade should be this: a third round pick, and a conditional 2016 pick. That pick will be anywhere between a 3rd and 7th depending on how many games he starts in 2014 AND 2015 – which is really the important year as it implies the team that traded for him would be able to re-sign him.

    • Paul V. Suffriti

      Pats would be happy to get a 3rd round pick in this draft….the talent is deep through the first four rounds.

  • Ken Tomlin

    If we were able to trade down and pick up an extra 2nd rd pick, then I say go for it. I just think pick 40 might be to high for him. Other option: trade down from 40 pick up another 3rd rd and then trade lower 2nd rd for him. That could work. What you guys think?

    • Mosstoss17

      Possibly. I wouldn’t be surprised if Houston pulls the trigger on him. But it makes sense to trade down and get him later.

  • Tom Mccarthy

    We already have bradys back up. And in last year he tossed 21 TDs and for 3600 yards. Anyone really remember someone who left the pats and dominated?

    • Mosstoss17

      I believe with a better O line, that Brian Hoyer could have been solid for Cleveland. He may still get a shot to show it. But Mallett, his size and arm strength go far beyond Cassel and Hoyer. With Norv Turner, he could develop really well.

  • Spencer Davis

    I’ve been crying out for Mallett ever since he was on the trade block a few months ago. Trade back in the first since there won’t be any top-tier blue chip prospects anyway at 8. Hopefully gain at least a second and a 4th. Then take Mosley, Gilbert, or Clinton-Dix. Trade NE a late 2nd or 8th in the 3rd. And then take another QB in the 3rd like Murray or Gorapollo. And then put Ponder on the practice squad.

  • Stoney Bologna

    Also mallets #1 wide out at Arkansas jarius wright plays for Minnesota

  • Tom Mccarthy

    And again this is the same arguement that was made when the pats were looking to trade cassel.

  • JJSamurai

    Just say no! Freeman is a ton better and we didn’t want him.….and no.

  • govikes

    Trade Ponder And Our Second Third Rounder. NE Gets A backup Qb And The Vikes Can Draft Another Qb In The Third Round Without Having 4 Qbs. The Vikes Would Have To Eat The Rest Of Ponder’s Deal, But Who Cares At This Point.

  • Stephen Fitzpatrick

    I wanted them to draft Ryan mallet in the 2011 draft, they reached for ponder because they wanted him to work out, but they could have easily taken mallet in that spot

  • Edward Kirby

    If the Patriots trade Mallet, don’t be surprised to see them use their first round pick on a QB. [Denver too.] This would certainly upset the machinations of the sub-.500 teams that need QBs now, and assume they can get good value at the top of the second round because no one else needs a first-round QB.

    Both Brady and Manning are getting old, and selecting their heirs now would give them a few years of clipboard-holding to learn the game from the greats.

  • Danny Helms Jr.

    All in all, My argument for Mallett makes sense for Minnesota, and a handful of
    other teams. Not everyone. He’s worth a second round pick in my opinion
    because with this years crop of QBs I don’t believe anyone is worth a
    number 8 pick. Which if Minnesota agrees, that will leave them searching
    for a QB in rounds 2-3. This year it looks to be Mettenberger,
    Garrapollo, and McCarron, with only Mettenberger being ideal for a Norv
    Turner offense. So, you have the choice of Mettenberger or Mallett? Both
    tall, pocket passers with strong arms, but one has 3 years behind Tom
    Brady, while the other is a rookie. Also, Mettenberger is coming off ACL
    surgery and had 2 first round caliber WRs at LSU in Beckham Jr and
    Landry. All in all, Minnesota could replace Jared Allen or get a DB at
    8, while solving the QB issue. Peterson has about 3-4 years more of
    playing at his level, I doubt Minnesota wants to spend that time with
    Matt Cassel, or spending that time developing a rookie from this year.