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NFL Draft Rumors: Kansas City Chiefs truly looking at QB in first?

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The possibility of the Kansas City Chiefs surprising us all and taking a quarterback in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft was first raised by ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, and he named Fresno State’s Derek Carr as one QB to keep in mind as a fit for the Chiefs. I honestly couldn’t see the Chiefs taking a quarterback in the first round of the draft after trading for veteran Alex Smith last offseason and receiving a very strong season out of him in 2013 despite having just about no help at wide receiver.

But the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports that the Chiefs will indeed consider drafting a quarterback with the 23rd overall pick, and Rapoport states that it has to do with the long-term negotiations with Smith that we’ve all heard about this offseason. Chiefs owner Clark Hunt stated early in the offseason that he would, unsurprisingly, love to lock Smith up, and I’m sure that hasn’t changed. However, Rapoport reports that the negotiations with their starting QB haven’t progressed well to this point, and Rapoport’s line that the Chiefs “must keep long-term options open” makes me think that this is a due diligence option for the Chiefs.

That said, don’t be shocked if the Chiefs take a quarterback in the first, but feel free to be unimpressed if this is the case. QB talk is always a hairy issue, and my belief is that no team should take a quarterback in the first if they have a clear starter, unless if said starter is about to retire or is a lock to leave in free agency.

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  • Olivier

    Smoke screen !
    GM may feel Carr would be a battle to trade up in the late first, they just position themselves for trade partners. KC won’t IMO draft a QB, but the fact that Dorsey drafted Aaron Rodgers back when Favre had some years left can give credit to the rumors. But back then the Packers didn’t have pressuring needs with higher grades than Rodgers. This daft is different : KC has higher needs with players having higher grades than Carr who probably will be available at #23.

  • John Walsh

    What do any of the writers know? Not a damn thing, which means they’ll write whatever they want. I doesn’t affect negotiations. What it does do is fill a dreadful hole in the days leading up to the draft. The Chiefs already have two reasonably decent backups that they have to work with and it would be an utter waste of a pick to draft another QB when they need to take care of the WR and secondary positions.

  • Gino Garcia

    IMO Tyler bray has more raw talent thn the QBs in this years draft. He justneeds he head straightened out. That’s why they call it development. Drafting a QB this year is a wasted pick.

  • jeffromac23

    No way do they spend a first and second round pick on quarterbacks this year. There is just no way this happens.