2014 NFL Mock Draft: Long Final

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9. Buffalo Bills
Taylor Lewan
OT, Michigan

Eric Ebron is a possibility here; however, I believe that the Buffalo Bills would be better off selecting Taylor Lewan. Lewan is a fast, strong, athletic offensive tackle that would provide E.J. Manuel (Buffalo’s first round pick last year) with some very necessary protection.

It’s possible that Lewan is the second offensive tackle taken, though. If that’s the case and Jake Matthews isn’t available, then look for the Bills to take a playmaker like Eric Ebron at 9.

10. Detroit Lions
Darqueze Dennard
CB, Michigan State

There’s a lot of talk about the Detroit Lions trading up for a wide receiver (presumably Sammy Watkins). With Watkins and Evans both gone in this scenario, I think that the Lions would be smart to wait on receiver.

This draft is deep with talent at the wideout position and Detroit could likely grab a player like Jarvis Landry, Jordan Matthews, or Davante Adams at the top of the second round.

With that being said, I have the Lions taking cornerback, Darqueze Dennard to help sure up their pass defense. Drafting Dennard would fill a big void for Detroit and would take some pressure off of their defensive front 7 in the process.

11. Tennessee Titans
Anthony Barr

When it comes to players with high ceilings, nobody in this year’s draft has a higher ceiling than UCLA outside linebacker, Anthony Barr.

Barr, formerly a running back, has only been playing outside linebacker for two seasons, so he is still relatively new to the position. This hasn’t slowed his production, though. In his 2 seasons at outside linebacker, Barr has recorded 23.5 sacks and 41.5 tackles for loss.

Barr is raw, but has insane amounts of potential. Exciting pick if you’re a Titans fan.

12. New York Giants
Aaron Donald
DT, Pittsburgh

With Hakeem Nicks out of the picture, I was extremely close to giving the New York Giants a wide receiver with this pick (Odell Beckham Jr., to be exact), but like I said with the Lions, this draft is deep at WR. That’s why I gave the G-men a defensive tackle to pair with Jason Pierre-Paul.

Aaron Donald at 12 is a steal. Adding Donald to a defensive line that already sports JPP would be a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks.

13. St. Louis Rams
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
S, Alabama

After taking care of their wide receiver need with the number 2 pick, I have the Rams looking to improve their secondary. Selecting safety, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix out of Alabama would certainly do that for St. Louis.

Look for the Rams to add an offensive lineman in the second round.

14. Chicago Bears
Justin Gilbert
CB, Oklahoma State

I understand that the Bears are in need of a dominant defensive tackle, but with Aaron Donald coming off the board a few picks before they choose, the Bears find themselves in a tough spot.

Clinton-Dix would be a good choice, but he’s gone, too. So I have Chicago going with a cornerback at 14.

It may not be the most pressing need, but the Bears have two guys over 30 as their starters right now; they could help groom Gilbert into a shutdown corner.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers
Eric Ebron
TE, North Carolina

I thought about giving the Steelers an offensive lineman and also toyed around with the idea of them snagging a cornerback. But with a talent like Ebron sliding to number 15, the Steelers would be insane not to take him.

Eric Ebron would be an instant boost to the Pittsburgh passing game and would also give Ben Roethlisberger a big, fast, and reliable target to dump the ball off to in times of duress.

16. Dallas Cowboys
Calvin Pryor
S, Louisville

The Cowboys could go a number of different ways with this pick. After letting DeMarcus Ware walk, their defensive line is in flux. But with Clowney, Mack, Barr, and Donald all gone, Dallas should look to fix their problematic secondary.

I would like to see Dallas grab safety, Calvin Pryor out of Louisville, rather than see them reach on a player like Dee Ford.

Pryor at 16 is a good pick and is an instant upgrade over what the Cowboys currently have.

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  • David

    Can I get an amen on Pryor..

    • Rich

      No you can’t. It’s not going to happen.

      • David

        And why is that. Other than taking Barr or an OT there, who else are you projecting there. Please give me your football knowledge here.

        • Rich

          Dallas did not bring Pryor or Dix in for a visit. I think they are only interested in Ward and Joyner. If Barr, Donald and Martin are gone I suspect they will be trading back.

          • David

            Who cares if they did not bring them in for a visit. Sometimes teams dont like to tip their hands with visits. Dallas has drafted plenty of people in the early rounds that never made a visit. Great logic tho. Wow.

          • Rich

            The only players in the last 10 plus years that they drafted in the first round without having in for visits were Ware and Claiborne. They thought they had no chance at Claiborne until he started dropping and they got on the phone to trade up. They originally were going to grab spears with the first pick the year Ware was drafted but when Ware fell Jerry decided to grab Ware and hope that Spears fell to their 2nd 1st rd pick which he did. I could see them taking Pryor if they traded back in the 1st but not at 16. Even on a trade back I suspect they would prefer Ward over Pryor.

          • Alex Darden

            I believe cowboys brass is much more inclined to give Wilcox another year while making the D better in other places. That is why other than Ward making it to us all the way in the 2nd (which I seriously doubt will happen) I don’t see us taking a safety early.

          • Rich

            I think so too. They may even have a little hope that Johnson(The Unicorn) might work out if Wilcox fails. Likely Ward and Joyner if either falls to 47 and if no others they like better are there. Just an opinion.

          • Michael Davis

            Wilcox is more athletic then the two top safeties Dix & Pryor. That doesn’t mean will will have a better future then either but just saying.

          • David

            LOL you are one of the only guys on the planet that likes Ward over Pryor. But Im sure you and your vast knowledge know more than all the guys involved in the NFL.

          • Michael Davis

            No he isn’t the only one on planet that thinks that. I don’t necessarily think they like Ward better then Pryor but I don’t think Dallas likes any Safety at 16. Ward is the best Safety that there is a % chance he is there at 47 which is the earliest I think Dallas is considering a Safety.

          • David

            Find me any legit person who has Ward over Pryor or Dix please. Most have Pryor and Dix in the top 20 overall players.

          • Michael Davis

            I’m not disputing that. I just think Dallas wont grab either Dix or Pryor at 16. I think they would consider Ward at 47 over Pryor or Dix at 16.

          • David

            And they may not. But I dont think they will ever be a top legit defense with what they have now. They have tried to find players with FA and mid round small school project players. Or in Church and Heaths case UDFA. It has not worked and safeties have been the weak link on this team since well Roy Williams. And when the league became pass happy he was a liability. Lets put it this way, pryor to getting Smith and Frederic the Dallas O-line had been borderline horrendous for many years. Dallas tried to fix the O-line in FA and by drafting O-linemann in the mid to late rounds some from smaller schools. Their line is just now getting better because they are investing 1st round picks on the O-line and they are from top programs. Dallas changed their philosophy in drafting O-lineman and they need to do the same with the safety position. Especially the single high centerfielder safety. That safety position is one of the top six most important positions on the defense.

  • Rich

    I knew Latimer was rising but 1st rd? WOW! A couple of months ago he was thought to be a 6th or 7th rounder. I do like the kid a lot though. I think your mock is realistic but I don’t see the Cowboys taking pryor I think both Martin and Beckham will be gone by 16 as well. Barr might just fall to us. Dream scenario.

    • Josh Hart

      Teams probably never had him that low. Media overlooked him due to the injury.

  • Johnny

    Love the CJ Mosley pick to Phins at 19.. Doubt he’ll drop that far.. So, trade down is the best option… Some team will trade up for QB Bortles, afraid Arizona will take him the next pick.. Prime spot for a trade down…

  • Leslie Hoerwinkle

    No way does that team take that player. No way.

  • Josh Hart

    This would be about my least favorite way the draft could go for the Browns. Don’t hate the Manziel pick, but I don’t believe in him either. I’d rather have a QB with skills that translate like Bridgewater. Also, Benjamin just reminds me of a slightly better version of Greg Little, except he doesn’t block as well. He’s too inconsistent for my taste. Give me a Latimer, Robinson, Lee, or Landry over him.

  • Carl Eagan

    It would be insane for the Steeler’s to take Ebron a tight end who can’t block, can only catch from the slot and is a sloppy route runner, yep thats a Tomlin draft choice but bad for the team.

  • nc0gnet0

    Lions will not draft a db/cb in the first round. Won’t happen, sorry my friend. Also, no trades in the top ten? Seriously? Lions white board looks like Watkins, Evans, Ebron..Only if clowney or mack where to fall would they go Defense with the first pick.

  • joe

    Stop mocking cooks to eagles. Don’t want him. Overrated.

  • ApexSteel

    Ebron doesn’t block. That’s a Steelers tight end’s job first and foremost.

  • William Plaster

    The Browns absolutely CANNOT tolerate another “boom or bust” player in the #4 position. Manziel has wome negative attributes if one can separate the “media darling” status. He may do well in the NFL, but the Browns cannot take the risk of taking a risk at #4. Take a player who will make an immediate impact.

  • Richard Hough

    I would like to see the Fins trade up to get Taylor Lewan. He would automatically bolster the offensive line and could be a left tackle of the future.