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Ok people it is time for the 46th mock draft you have read today. But as the title suggests this mock draft has something the other didn’t, lots of GIFs.

(If you would like to see the full breakdown of the prospects click here for a full list or on the hyperlinked name of every prospect)

1-Houston Texans- South Carolina DE Jadeveon Clowney 

The concerns about Jadeveon Clowney’s work ethic and desire are real.  But so is his once in a generation athleticism, length and potential. So even if Clowney doesn’t come close to maximizing his talent he will be a double-digit sack player that demands double teams. When you can pair that kind of talent will J.J Watt you do it. End of story.


2- St. Louis Rams – Auburn OT Greg Robinson

Ideally the Rams would be able to trade back a few spots but I don’t see them getting enough value to pull the trigger on such a trade. Instead they take the most physical player in this year’s draft and look to improve their offensive line—a necessity in the brutal NFC West.

3- Jacksonville Jaguars- Buffalo’s OLB Khalil Mack

With the Jags not expecting Justin Blackmon to play at all this year there is a possibility that this pick is Sammy Watkins instead. But with a defensive minded head coach that thrived in Seattle with a fierce pass rush Mack—or the Mack Truck as I call him—is too tempting to pass on.


4-  Cleveland Browns- Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel

The Browns currently quarterback depth chart reads Hoyer, some dude out of Monmouth and Vince Young. So it safe to say the Browns will be looking for a signal caller in this year’s draft. There is some talk of Cleveland waiting until later in the draft but I cant see them taking that sort of risk without a solid plan B.

So the addition of Johnny Football fills a hue need and provides a much needed spark for a franchise that is desperate for an injection of life. Also I can’t wait for Cleveland fans to freak out when Manziel pops up on the sidelines of Miami Heat games during the offseason.


5- TRADE Detroit Lions – Clemson WR Sammy Watkins 

With Oakland having more holes in there roster than Swiss cheese they will trade back to and finally make a smart decision on draft day— although it hard to think someone directly related to Al Davis with this haircut can make a smart decision.

As for Detroit they finally get a receiver across from Megatron to compete and allows Matt Stafford to pad his stats even more while the Lions choke away another season. In all seriousness Watkins is a dynamic playmaker that thrives after the catch on bubble screens and short throws so he will compliment Calvin Johnson very well.


6- Atlanta Falcons- Texas A&M OT Jake Matthews

The Falcons miss out on Clowney and Mack as they are unwilling to package picks because of their laundry list of needs but they are able to land the most ready NFL offensive linemen. With incredible bloodlines— he is the son of Bruce Matthews a Hall of Fame offensive tackle—Matthews is a polished and potentially dominant offensive tackle that will give Matt Ryan time to find Julio Jones and Roddy White downfield.

7- Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Texas A&M WR Mike Evans

The run of former Aggies continues as the Bucs look to add a playmaker opposite of Vincent Jackson after trading away Mike Williams. A 6 foot 5 beast, Mike Evans is too talented to pass up and gives the Bucs two legit outside receivers to build their offense around.


8- Minnesota Vikings- Pittsburgh DT Aaron Donald

While Blake Bortles is tempting at this spot his mechanics and footwork—which lead to his erratic accuracy– are simply too raw to garner this selection. Instead, the Vikings go for a potentially dominant defensive tackles that new coach Mike Zimmer will attempt to mold into a Geno Atkins type player.



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  • David

    LOL this draft is so far from reality. I find it almost impossible Dallas would trade to an interdivision rival so they can get a top WR playmaker. And I can almost guarantee you they will not take a 1 tech part time player in Jernigan in the 1st round. I am willing to bet Jernigan slides out of the 1st round all together. I dont know about the other teams but my man you dont know the Cowboys very well.

    • Rich

      I would like it if philly threw in Vinny Curry. I would like it for their 2nd rd pick as well. Heck I would probably even do it for their 3rd. I just don’t think Jernigan would be the target at 22.

      • David

        I doubt Philly would throw in Curry or a 2nd rounder for going down six spots. A third rounder would be more likely.

        • Rich

          Most likely but if they wanted Beckham bad enough who knows? Especially since Curry doesn’t fit their system.

          • David

            Dallas needs to come away with Barr, Pryor, Dix, Shazier, Lewan or Martin in the 1st round. If they dont get one of those guys I will not be to happy. Dallas cannot afford to get to cute this draft and needs 3 down impact players with the 1st and 2nd round picks.

          • Rich

            Curry and no 22 is better than any of those mentioned. IMO

          • Old Frog

            That would be some kind of trade.

          • Rich

            Yes it would be awesome for us. If they wanted to part with Curry it would likely be more like their 2nd and Curry for our 16th. I would take it. Curry is much better than any DE available with the possible exception of Barr.

          • Matty ice

            I like Pryor only if Donald is gone I’d stay at 16 for Pryor…barr is a talent but he’s not polished enough to go at 16 he’s terrible against the run which teams will see and run right at him but I agree David if it’s not one of those guys I wouldn’t be to happy either..

          • David

            I like Donald a lot but I have a hard time picking someone where there is already a Pro bowler there. I mean I think they still take him without hesitation but honestly I dont think Donald makes it out of the top ten past Tampa or Minnesota who are both Tampa 2′s.

  • Matty ice

    Not seeing JERRINAGAN as a cowboy I’m sorry to me he gets pushed out of to many plays if I’m taking a defensive tackle in the 1st through third it’s only Aaron Donald Daquan jones or Daniel McCullers that’s it through the first three rounds easly injury prone and undersized not powerful to get that push..

  • Dean Thomas

    Wow, looks like somebody must have been beaten up by Raider fans or something. Maybe a deep, entrenched jealousy or envy. But, if Mack or Watkins is on the board I don’t see Reggie trading back.
    Also, you’re saying it was stupid for Reggie not to overpay for Veldheer? He was given an offer higher than he accepted, he didn’t want to be there.

  • Chris Schroeder

    I’m sorry but the Raiders don’t have as many holes in the roster as you may think they do. They had a very successful free agency. Pretty much filled every need at every position. With that said what the Raiders need is an impact player. They don’t need a plethora of draft picks like they did last year. If Sammy Watkins or Mack is available at five I would be very surprised if there were deal on the table sweet enough to trade away those players at this stage of the game for Reggie McKenzie. Remember, many think his job as well as Dennis Allen’s may be on the line if they don’t have a successful year this season. This is not the draft for the Raiders to trade back the number fifth pick unless like I said those two players are gone. Then again I would still probably put money on them taking Mike Evans at number five too. Matt Schaub’s favorite target Andre Johnson was 6’3 230 pounds. Mike Evans is 6’5 230 pounds. Besides, Evans will probably end up being more durable than watkins at the NFL level. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Raiders were thinking the same thing.

  • Mike G

    Ummm. Obviously this Carson McMurray is a Raider hater. The Raiders will not trade their #5 pick. It’s either Clowney, Mack, Watkins, or Evans. (Yes, Raiders will even pick Mike Evans at #5)

    • Carson

      Fair enough i just thought that the Raiders were be willing to move down and pick up a late 2nd or 3rd for their troubles because one player even a great one wont fix there problems. But i understand getting a blue chipper to build is never a bad idea

  • nc0gnet0

    What the Lions should offer Oakland for the swap is a third rounder, next years second round pick, and Nick Fairley. Oakland would be stupid to turn it down, so they probably will.