Oakland Raiders 2014 NFL Draft Wrap-up

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Dec 22, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders fan Wayne Mabry (Violator) reacts in the second half against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium. The Chargers won 26-13. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After months upon months upon months of planning, evaluating, analyzing, doubting, confirming, re-evaluating, and speculating, the draft is finally over and done with. With all of the picks selected and most likely to be signed in the coming weeks, we (as analysts), must go out and analyze every single pick and go through where teams may or may not have gone wrong in their individual selections and list some possible solutions or corrections.

In this article I will be reviewing the team with the fifth overall pick: the Oakland Raiders. For the Raiders last season, everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. Their former draft pick in Terrelle Pryor played well during his first few games, completing 68.5% of his passes for 845 yards and 4 touchdowns. Everything seemed like it was going in the 2-2 Oakland Raider’s direction, until Pryor started missing throws and throwing interceptions. For the rest of his 2013 season, Pryor threw 9 interceptions while completing 45.3% of his throws. After the season was said and done, the Texans’ Matt Schaub was named the new starting QB of the Raiders as Pryor signed with the Seattle Seahawks as a backup. For the Raiders, a team plagued by bad draft picks (insert: JaMarcus Russel), this draft was a chance to make up for the that. In this wrap-up, I will be going through all of the Raiders’ selections, pointing out their strengths/weaknesses and seeing what they did correctly and what they did incorrectly.

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  • KloverJane

    We are going to kick ass!


    For all that writing man I would had thought you would had understood why 3 corners. A) Brown and Rogers are no spring chickens themselves, and even though I am a big fan of Hayden, we really do not know what his future holds yet. B) Brown is only signed for 1 year. C) Dowling was drafted for being a beast at specials team, not because he is a corner. D) Carrie and McGill can play the safety position even though most unlikely for McGill due to his busted shoulder.
    That being said, this draft and free agency combo is hands down an A if not an A+!!!
    Get with it…..

    • Jerry

      “I’m not saying that they had a horrible off-season, in fact with their free agent signings, their off-season was one of the best in the NFL.” Hmmmmm….

      • KTDMM

        Hmmmmm what? He gave the draft a C+ B-, due to 3 corners, and I pointed out why.

        • Jerry

          Can’t remember, what designed safety did they pick up?

        • Jerry

          We’ll see how everything pans out during the regular season.

  • Skooby2

    If I’m not mistaken, dowling is actually a safety and not a corner. So in that sense we did add depth to our safety position. With his size, and if he is able to learn the speed of the game, he could definitely replace Woodson once he retires.

    As far as Brown and Rogers are concerned, they are both getting old. I think brown is 29 and Rogers is about 32. They were great additions, but they are definitely not long term answers. McGill and Carrie have youth on their side, and plus of the two, I can see McGill becoming a shutdown corner. Carrie is also a punt returner I believe so that brings some versitility to the team. Idk about you, but I’m not comfortable knowing we are an injury away from having Chekwa and Jones being starters. Corner was a huge concern, seeing as how we let Porter and Jenkins walk in FA. I’m happy we got 2 corners, but let’s just hope they pan out.

  • Brutus

    RM likely took best player available on his board, plus he didn’t really take three pure corners. There are some crossovers at safety and special teams as KTDMM mentioned. One thing to keep in mind is that RM believes in building through the draft. Very few of the vets signed this offseason will be on the team in three years, whereas all the draft picks who make the cut will be. The vets are not stop-gaps as we expect them to help make us a contender sooner rather than later, but the future is built through the draft.
    As far as the off-field issues of a couple selections, I have to believe RM did is homework since he has emphasized the locker room chemistry, lack of distractions, and desire to play football. If those players have truly put the past behind them as far as off-field issues, we likely got bargains. If not, RM will cut them.
    As far as Carr, ideally he rides the bench this year and next like QBs did in the past. RM is old school. Look how GB handled Rodgers. He will be a better QB if he can learn behind Schaub for a couple years and the Raiders continue to build a stronger team around him.