May 27, 2014; Renton, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks quarterback Terrelle Pryor (2) fakes a hand off to running back Robert Turbin (22) during organized team activities at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Terrelle Pryor has no interest in playing at another position

The Seattle Seahawks decision to trade for Terrelle Pryor from the Oakland Raiders for a seventh-round pick earlier this offseason was met with some criticism, but it was actually a quality move by the NFL’s savviest front office. That pick carries very little value for the Seahawks, and they needed to add an intriguing quarterback behind franchise guy Russell Wilson. Pryor fits the bill due to his youth, upside, athleticism, and rocket arm. I mean, it’s not like they would have found somebody better in the seventh round of these year’s draft anyway, and there would have been no chance of them snatching him off of waivers with the last claim on the list.

It will be interesting to see how Darrell Bevell and Pete Carroll develop Pryor, who could eventually become a trade piece for the Seahawks if he shows up well enough in August games. While he lacks adequate accuracy and makes poor decisions, his rawness as a player gives him upside if the ‘Hawks are able to develop him successfully.

The Seahawks have already stated that they don’t intend to move Pryor to another position, and it’s painfully clear that the former Ohio State star has no interest in any sort of a Kordell Stewart-esque “slash” move (most quarterbacks don’t, including the likes of Tim Tebow and James Franklin, who are far lesser passers).

He told the Seattle Times’s Jerry Brewer“I don’t know how to catch. I don’t know how to run the ball as a running back. I’ve been a quarterback my whole life.”

While someone could make the argument that showing positional versatility would make him a more valuable player on the roster, Pryor’s spot is already locked up after the Seahawks went out of their way to acquire him. He’s on the team as a developmental project, and they need him as a backup QB anyway. His primary job is to learn under one of the league’s coaching staffs and generate enough positive buzz for him to be traded to a team where he can start or live comfortably as the backup on the NFL’s best team, because he has no chance of starting in Seattle at any point or any position.

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  • trinity

    What is Pryor thinking? This guy is simply terrible at quarterback. But he is very athletic. If he had any sense, he would swallow his pride and try to be successful at another position. if he sticks to his insistence on playing QB, I predict is career is over in the next 3 years.

    • Demarkus Tramail Swan

      TP is a very good QB who was RUNNING FOR HIS LIFE IN OAKLAND THE MAKORITY OF THE TIME. Before u hate on TP go back & look @ RW DURING A 3 game stretch when his OL was in shambles. Now picture that with NO RB, TE, avg wr’s and a HC THAT IS ALL OUT TO MAKE SURE NO BLACK QB IS THE FACE OF THE RAIDER’s and you have TP’s season in a NUTSHELL. The guy is in Heaven compared to what he dealt with in Oakland

      • trinity

        Outside of his athleticism, Pryor simply sucks as a quarterback. Period. Yes the team was bad, but one of the reasons they were bad is because he was not good enough. If he moves to wide out, he has a chance at success because he is an awesome athlete. If he insists on playing quarterback, his career is over. As for his color, it embarrassed me to even read that. Seriously, just stop. His race has absolutely ZERO to do with anything, and it’s embarrassing that you would even bring that up.

      • Rees Britton

        Does your madness ever end, or are you always a racist, imbecile? TP has a lot of potential, but to call him a very good QB is downright naive!
        How about you do us all a favor and get off of the Raider’s blog, where all you do is spit hate from your ignorant mouth!!!

  • Mechguy

    Yeah I think if nothing else the guy would “say” I am looking at any way to help the team. But NO he says I am always a QB. Better save that money for this year cause soon you will be selling pizza at Domino’s

  • Demarkus Tramail Swan

    If RW IS INJURED HE DOES, I’m sure TP is elated to be in Seattle where he @ least knows he is the 2nd best QB on the roster & not starting as opposed to being the best QB in Oakland yet the 3rd team QB#BIAS