May 27, 2014; Renton, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks quarterback Terrelle Pryor (2) fakes a hand off to running back Robert Turbin (22) during organized team activities at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Terrelle Pryor 'inconsistent' so far in offseason

Seattle Seahawks backup quarterback Terrelle Pryor has made it abundantly clear that he has no intention of spending time at a position other than quarterback, so he isn’t going to make the ‘Hawks roster as the next Kordell Stewart. His incredible athleticism and speed could translate well to a position like running back, but do the Seahawks really need to use Pryor as a gimmicky player when they already have big playmakers at other positions? No, Pryor was acquired as a project player at quarterback, as the Seahawks would like to see if they can unlock his potential and mold him into a top backup for Russell Wilson or, preferably, a juicy trade target for other teams.

It sounds like things have been slow in the early going, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone given how raw of a player Pryor is. According to 710 ESPN Seattle’s Danny O’Neil, Pryor “has been inconsistent” during practices this offseason, and he believes that the former Oakland Raiders starter will need to show more consistency in training camp in order to lock up a roster spot as one of three quarterbacks.

I can’t see the Seahawks cutting ties with Pryor this offseason after spending a seventh-round pick on him, but it’s true that he isn’t a lock to make it, especially since keeping him means axing a talented, underrated player at another position (you know, the guys the Seahawks often end up being famous for). That said, the Seahawks know they have a chance to turn Pryor into something at quarterback, and I’m sure they see him as an investment. I’m sure they also realize that he’ll be very inconsistent in the early going,so I think the only way he gets released is if he plays so poorly in August that the team views him as a fruitless endeavor.

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  • Demarkus Tramail Swan

    He will win the backup job, when the LIGHTS COME ON, TP2!!

    • Mechguy

      Yeah right. He is in a completely new system and it will take awhile for those lights to come on,,, if they do he will be valuable , if not then he was worth a try. Don’t expect too much until he is indoctrinated into this system.

    • Rees Britton

      What is with you and you man crush on Pryor???

      • friendship220

        I imagine people liking Pryor for reasons like – 2nd in the league in QB rushing yards, in 9 starts, setting the QB longest run for a TD record, 8 20+ yard runs, winning as many games as games as starts against non-playoff teams. I don’t think it’s a homo thing. He’s the best QB at running in the NFL, and some people like when the QB runs a lot. He’s on Seattle now, who has a great starter, but Pryor can improve his passing, and be a great QB himself.

        • Rees Britton

          Pryor is without a doubt a unique talent, but what did being the “best” running QB (at a position that doesn’t have to run to succeed) in the league get him as far as wins…3? Granted our defense last year was pitiful in the second half of games, so I don’t put all the blame squarely on his shoulders (except for the Indy game for sure) and in fact I was and still am a Pryor fan. The kid worked is ass off, said all the right things, and tried his damnedest to salvage a train wreck of a year and team.

          Now with that out of the way, he isn’t a gifted passer and news flash everyone… YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO THROW TO PLAY QB!!!!! Its kind of important! How many “running” QBs have won a super bowl? Thats right, a big fat goose egg…. 0.

          So Ill look at his year by the numbers;
          Stat # ranking
          passing yards per game 163.5 46
          passing td’s 7 38
          Int 11 T-17
          QBR 69.1 48
          Now like you stated, “He’s the best running QB in the NFL”… lets look at the running stats as well;
          Stat # ranking
          rushing yards 576 34
          rushing td’s 2 59
          fumbles 7 2
          So there you have it, the best running QB in the NFL, had less rushing td’s than Ryan Fitzpatrick… he only ran it in 2 times, had 7 fumbles, and his yards per rush average was lower than Matt Simms… Yeah, he sounds like the best alright! A QB who can’t throw and is turnover prone, but some people like when the QB runs a lot….

          But back to the origin of your initial response, this guy has some major love affair going on with Pryor. Even to the point of accusing Dennis Allen of being a racist. Pryor getting hurt and his numbers and play steadily regressing had nothing to do with him getting benched… it had to be his skin color…. because 99% of the team is of African American decent, so how does that even begin to make the slightest sense? Or never mind the fact that they benched a white QB so that Pryor could be the starter and then got hurt and lost his job… Just like Michael Vick, so is Chip Kelly a racist???
          He goes on and on with his Raiders hate and honestly Im sick of it.

          Pryor has a LONG way to go before he is a starting NFL caliber QB… like learning how to throw, holding on to the ball, and being able to actually read a defense. I wish him nothing but the best of luck, but this guy is over the top with his ludicrous, diatribe of Raiders hate!!! Go root for the seac*cks then and stop trolling on our Raiders site, b/c us true fans are ride or die!

  • arnie

    Joe, he’s a QB that was developed by the raiders. I don’t know if development and QB belong in the same sentence, However I could sugest the inconsistencies mirror the inconsistent nature of the franchise he was under. Pryor is getting second chance to learn how to be a QB in the NFL, under a HC that got more, with less, at the position of QB.

  • johntheonly

    Too early to tell yet, but although he may make the roster, he probably will be #3.