"I'm worth drafting in your league even if I play only one game!"

Top 200 Fantasy Football Rankings for July

Halfway through July you begin to make sure you’re having the best summer, ever. You’re grabbing the kids to drive two hours to the beach. You’re calling buddy after buddy to go golf with you on a Wednesday until you settle on your uncle who’s been begging you since he got that set from Model’s back in March. Whatever, at least you’re on the course.

Something else happens to you mid-way through July. You begin counting the days until your leagues fantasy football draft. Most of you are five to six weeks away from said draft. For me however, I’ve been reading, ranking and mocking since Peyton Manning had that snap go over his head in the Super Bowl. You thought you were pretty early? My first Mock Draft was during the NBA Trade Deadline.

"Way over my head..."

“Way over my head…”

What can I say? I’m a nerd. Oh, I’m not a total loser type nerd who’s typing away feverishly on his lap top calculating average yards per carry and how often certain coaches kick a field goal over certain scenarios. Trust me. There are studies.

No, I’m a nerd who’s just like you. I have a real girlfriend, a real job, a real grandmother who needs her lawn cut, and some real kids who I need to look after all summer long. Where do I find the time to read and do fantasy research? Same as you. In the bathroom mostly.

I am here to take my time after taco night and smear my obtained knowledge and analysis all over this site for you. Sounds like a good deal to me. Bring on the tacos. Yes. Extra fire sauce please.

This top 200 isn’t a bible. Far from it. So much has changed since I first made this list and a lot more change will still occur. Point is, this just a list of who I feel is more valuable at this juncture. Come back soon because I am sure to do another one of these in the coming weeks.

Now, of course there are 100’s of questions that need answering. Will Josh Gordon play any of this season? He may only play half or even the entire thing. We just don’t know. I am assuming he misses eight games but again, who knows. Just assume I’ve assumed best case scenarios for all these players. When we know more it will be updated.

Two more tidbits about this ranking are one; I did not rank kickers and two; I made it 205. Kickers are almost irrelevant as you’ll come to find out the more you read me and the extra five- Well, I don’t follow the rules very often.

Also, this is using standard scoring, six points for all touchdowns, 1 point for 10 yards rush…blah, blah, blah, blah.

Click the link below, then come back and comment. Please, tell me I am wrong. Or tell me I’m brilliant. I already know what my mom thinks.

Top 200 for July, 2014



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