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The Unreliable Truth: Miami Dolphins

Yes. You read the title correctly. The Unreliable Truth is exactly what I give you. I’m never going to lie to you. I learned that the hard way when I was nine. I think I still have that bottle of hot sauce in a box somewhere. Of course aspects of the NFL, it’s teams and players that I analyze will be spot on correct. Almost half of it won’t be. What I write here is the truth. Albeit, unreliable. Get it?

There are hundreds of fantasy experts you can read on the ol’  inter-web for fantasy football analysis. You will hear things like; “I am the one to trust. I will win you your league. Anyone who listens to me will make the playoffs in there league.”

I’ve heard it…No. I’ve said it all before. I’m not ashamed of it. I have a job to do here,  man. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to me. I will have many smart and witty things to say. I will also give you something you crave so much. Little bits of info. Like, info about one of the biggest question marks in fantasy football. The Miami Dolphins. (They don’t teach transitions like that in school)

I’ve heard a lot about the Miami offense being one of the teams who have potential to break out this season. The other teams who

The Moment you realize you threw it into double coverage.

also have the potential are- All of them! Ryan Tannehill didn’t all of a sudden become Aaron Rodgers over the off-season. Yea, he has good potential to have his best statistical season. We all know touchdowns win us our match ups and after he threw 24 his rookie campaign he threw 12 last season. Where’s the consistency man?

Mike Wallace didn’t even help improve Tannehill on the stat sheet. I remember only a few seasons ago Wallace winning me a pivotal match up on a Monday Night against the Bengals. I also remember him having less than 60 yards receiving in nine games last year. Until the Dolphins sign a receiver who complements Wallace he’ll continue to be double covered and lost. It’s not a comfortable situation having Wallace anything higher than a No. 3 wide receiver on your roster.

So they brought in Knowshon Moreno. The running game has room for improvement. Except for that little tiny procedure he is going through this week. Something they call  Arthroscopic Knee Surgery -Yea, I linked it to the Wikipedia  page on purpose. He is expected to miss 4-5 weeks according to ESPN. This means the earliest he should be seen on the field is right after the ‘Phins final pre-season game. If you draft Moreno he’s going to take up  your roster space for a while before he’ll become effective for you.

Lamar Miller will probably get drafted as a flier in your league and nothing more. There’s no real excitement about him. He will run against New England, Kansas City and Buffalo in the first three out of four weeks. The bye week is week 5. So you’re talking about holding him stagnant on your roster until possibly week 6? Nope. No thanks.

Charles Clay is who you think he is. Seemingly there are 19 TE’s who are essentially the same guy. There is no harm in being the last guy in your league to draft one and get stuck with Clay. He won’t blow your doors off but he’ll be in or around the top 10 among his position by December.

The Miami Defense might be the best weapon the Dolphins have when it comes to fantasy. Still, they’re no more than a match up play. They face the Broncos, Lions, Green Bay, Chicago and New England twice. Go ahead. Draft them. I dare you. No, but seriously. Don’t.

If you’re holding on hope that Brian Hartline, Brandon Gibson and Jarvis Landry will play out of there skin then you can let go. It’s too much of a risk on draft day. There are other potential draftees to target in the late rounds. We’ll get to them another day.

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