May 8, 2014; New York, NY, USA; Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M) poses for photos with commissioner Roger Goodell after being selected as the number twenty-two overall pick in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft to the Cleveland Browns at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: William Perlman/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Fantasy Football Mock Draft season is upon us. It’s just about August. What are we supposed to do with the rest of our summer? Read a novel on the beach? Watch some movies with the wife? Take the kids to a ball game? No. We mock. We mock our little hearts out. We spend mornings on the can, lunch breaks in the office bathroom and the “I just came home to poop honey” to use as mock drafting sessions. There’s only four weeks until draft day and I am not going to take Trent Richardson in the first round again this season- Is what someone might be saying to themselves.

I sat down at my computer with my Fantasy Consigliore Mike and we mocked out our own draft for you. We started with what we know best – A ten team standard scoring. That’s 6 points for TD’s all around and 10 yards rushing a point and blah, blah, blah blah.  Need to know? Google it. We have a lot more to talk about.

Below the draft I have separately analyzed each teams draft. Which was their best pick, which pick just felt right, which pick was a bumbling disaster and finally, if the team should just draft their kicker already. Also, please feel free to mock our mock. Some of it might seem ridiculous by the time you read it.  Maybe Jamaal Charles falls off a ride at Disney World with his kids?  Holy crap?!?!  Could you imagine?  Anyway, hopefully that awful imagine desensitized you enough to view this awful image.  Did we include the key? I dunno…you’re smart. I’m sure you’ll figure most of this out.

Well, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s the mock…

2014 Fantasy Football Mock Draft as of 07/23/14
RoundsTeam 1Team 2Team 3Team 4Team 5Team 6Team 7Team 8Team 9Team 10
1LeSean McCoyJamaal CharlesCalvin JohnsonAdrian PetersonMatt ForteEddie LacyMarshawn LynchJimmy GrahamPeyton ManningDemaryius Thomas
2Julio JonesBrndn. MarshallAlfred MorrisAlshon JeffreyAaron RodgersDeMarco MurrayDez BryantLe'Veon BellA.J. GreenDrew Brees
3Giovani BernardZac StacyAntonio BrownDoug MartinVincent JacksonJordy NelsonArian FosterPierre GarconRandall CobbKeenan Allen
4DeSean JacksonMichael CrabtreeFrank GoreVictor CruzPercy HarvinJulius ThomasReggie BushAndre JohnsonC.J. SpillerAndre Ellington
5Ben TateWes WelkerLarry FitzgerladM. StaffordToby GerhartTy HiltonRob GronkowskiRashad JenningsChris JohnsonSteven Jackson
6Andrew LuckEric DeckerMichael FloydTorrey SmithShane VereenRyan MatthewsCordarrelle PattersonRoddy WhiteVernon DavisRay Rice
7Knowshon MorenoMatt RyanTom BradyStevan RidleyKendall WrightRGIIIJoique BellColin KapernickJulian EdelmanJason Whitten
8Emmanuel SandersJordan ReedMJDBishop SankeyJordan CameronMarques ColstonNick FolesTrent RichardsonFred JacksonJeremy Maclin
9Seattle DSTJosh GordonMike WallaceReggie WaynePierre ThomasTerrance WilliamsHakeem NicksSammy WatkinsMike EvansDanny Woodhead
10Tony RomoDeangelo WilliamsDwayne BoweGolden TateCecil ShortsRiley CooperGreg OlsenDarren SprolesChris IvoryDarren McFadden
11Brandin CooksJay CutlerAndy DaltonPhilip RiversTavon AustinBen RoetlisbergerJames JonesRueben RandleDanny AmendolaBernard Pierce
12Dennis PittaKelvin BenjaminEric EbronMark IngramDeAndre HopkinsSteve SmithAaron DobsonSan Fran DSTDenver DSTKyle Rudolph
13Odell BeckhamKenny StillsLeGarrette BlountDonald BrownShonn GreeneCarolina DSTAndre BrownDavid WilsonCharles SimmsAlex Smith
14Marqis LeeKansas City DSTJeremy HillSt. Louis DSTCarlos HydeJarrett BoykinCinci DSTJohnny ManzielDevonte FreemanSteve Johnson
15Markus WheatonMarvin JonesNY Jets DSTLadarius GreenNew England DSTBrandon LaFellMike WilliamsStefon TaylorTeddy BridgewaterNY Giants DST
16Nick FolkJosh BrownRandy BullockGreg ZerluinPhil DawsonMatt PraterJustin TuckerMatt BryantBlair WalshStephen Gostkowski

We’ll now dive into this team by team.  There’s plenty of mistakes in here as well as great looking picks.  Hopefully seeing some of them will help you recognize some potential in your own draft.  Then again it’s July and if this entire blog hasn’t made you feel like a nerd then just wait.  It gets better.

Team 1

Dec 22, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy (25) celebrates as he leaves the field after defeating the Chicago Bears at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles defeated the Bears 54-11. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Great Pick!-It’s the first pick. This better be a great pick. LeSean McCoy is just my guy this year. You can go with almost any of the top six picks of this draft as a #1 overall. There is a legitimate argument for any of them. Still, #1 overall for me?  It’s McCoy all the way.

It just felt Right-It’s been said (a lot I might add) that defense wins you championships. This is maybe a tad early at pick nine but when I look at the team thus far I feel pretty good at all the positions. There’s a clear advantage in owning one of the top three or four RB’s so why not gain another advantage. There will be plenty of time to take a flier on a guy or two – BUT – having the Seattle DST was a pretty good advantage last season for that guy in my league.

Damnit! – Taking the defense early and few WR’s left the team vulnerable at TE. There is a lot of intriguing WR’s in front of me but Dennis Pitta could be the most targeted guy in Baltimore. It’s a less than stellar offensive scheme but he will still see the targets.

Should I just pick my kicker? –  I’m so glad I got that defense early. We have so much more space for WR’s! Stephen Gostkowski will probably be the #1 kicker but Markus Wheaton could potentially be a top 30 WR.

Team 2

Great Pick!-The pick I’m really falling in love with is in round 7. When I noticed who still needed to draft a QB and who was still there I felt this was the time. There are major questions to be answered about Brady, Foles, RGIII, Kaep but at least Matt Ryan has been there before. The Falcons are working feverishly to improve the offense through their line and Ryan has great potential for a bounce back year because if it. The health of Julio Jones has a lot to do with that as well.

It just felt Right-To me the draft is mostly about trying to gain as many advantages as you can. J.C. gives me one and Julio or Brandon would give me another. The Bears offense should be just as explosive as a year ago. Plus Cutler loves slinging it to Brandon Marshall and Mark Tressman loves letting his QB do it. (He also added a just in case pick in round 11)

Damnit!-It’s round nine and the flier selection can begin- if it hasn’t already. We all know of the potential suspension(s) for Josh Gordon. Will he miss four games? Will he miss 8? Will he play at all this year? Right here this pick could actually win me a championship. Not picking Wallace or Wayne isn’t going to lose me one. Still, it’s going to suck if he’s gone the entire season. Think of the roster spot…

Should I just pick my kicker?-Last season the Kansas City DST was a diamond in the ruff when it came to fantasy defense.  They started real strong and if you were smart or lucky enough to have picked them up early you were reaping the benefits. They did stumble late but mostly due to injuries. With a healthy defense there’s a decent enough chance they can begin 2014 the way they did in 2013.

Team 3

Great Pick!-Advantages? Did I hear someone talk about advantages? Because I just got one. If this was a PPR league Calvin Johnson might go #1 overall. I’ll worry about not having McCoy or Charles later. For now let’s relish in all that is Megatron.

Nov 28, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson (81) after the game against the Green Bay Packers during a NFL football game on Thanksgiving at Ford Field. Detroit won 40-10. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Nov 28, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson (81) after the game against the Green Bay Packers during a NFL football game on Thanksgiving at Ford Field. Detroit won 40-10. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

It just felt Right-Alfred Morris was the best RB last season who only scored 7 TD’s. Adrian Peterson was only 50 points better than Morris and he scored a mere four more times. Morris is on the cusp and a new way of thinking about offense may be all he needs to be a legit top five back in fantasy.

Damnit!-Drafting Michael Floyd just one round after Larry Fitzgerald- That’s a decent pick. Having both WR’s on your team isn’t so much. Maybe one is better than the other but then basically one of these picks is wasted. Oh, well. Let’s just hope I’m not stuck with Tom Brady.

Should I just pick my kicker?-Gostkowski could very well outscore LeGarrette Blount. I would even bet on it. Maybe though, just maybe Le’Veon Bell doesn’t play all 16 games this season and Blount has a small window to come in and shine and earn more carries down the road.

Team 4 Great Pick!-Round 15, Ladarius Green.  It seems like a moot point but still worth repeating. You can wait on TE until round 15 and still get a top 10 potential TE. Unless I drafted Jimmy Graham. Then yea, maybe I would have drafted my kicker.

It just felt Right-Getting Alshon Jeffrey in round two was simply the best way to go. Coming into his third year he probably has the potential to be the #2 WR in fantasy. The potential for the Green, Bryant and Thomas to have downgraded years is all greater than the potential for Alshon to just go off and have the best season of his career. Yup. It’s coming. This year. Do it.

Damnit!-Donald Brown.  WTF! I must have been a little more inebriated by the end of the draft. Should I just pick my kicker?-Refer to the “Great Pick.” Green is a steal as the 10th TE taken in this draft. Then, when you go back and look at the last three rounds-These could be three of the most solid picks for Team 4.

Team 5

Great Pick!-When you want a player and he is starring you in the face I am guessing you think one of two things. Should you take him now or will he fall back too me? There’s little to no chance Aaron Rodgers falls back to him. Having the guts to pull the trigger is sometimes more important than waiting.

Jun 17, 2014; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars running back Toby Gerhart (21) during the first day of minicamp at Florida Blue Health and Wellness Practice Fields. Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

It just felt Right-Drafting Toby Gerhart in the 5th round might turn out to be his greatest pick in this draft. Seriously, I know he’s attractive in earlier rounds. I’ve even seen him Mocked in as high as the 3rd and 4th rounds.  I get it.  No.  I do.  I wouldn’t reach for him is all I am saying.

Damnit!-That moment you realize you should have taken the Rams DST over Carlos Hyde. It’s OK. The Patriots are probably going to be a serviceable Fantasy Defense, at least for the first month of the season. Depending on your leagues settings, it goings to be worth it to at least explore the realm of the area of the place where you could think about maybe drafting a defense a tad early-ish.

Should I just pick my kicker?-Nope. Have to take the defense now. Besides, if you haven’t caught on by now, just to let you know not one person in this draft believes in taking a kicker any pick before your last. Most of these kickers will be dropped at some point this season any way.

Team 6

Great Pick!-There is something to be said for drafting a player who can be such a difference maker in the fourth round. There is injury concern with just about any of these guys. Julius Thomas does have a history of not staying on the field.  It’s probably the reason he fell to the fourth.

It just felt Right-This was the only team who drafted RB’s in the first two rounds. A year ago 7 of the teams would have done that. He does pretty much solidify that position.. Which is why the next time he takes a RB he’s going to eventually say..

Damnit!-This is the guy who’s stuck with Ryan Matthews this season. He went RB/RB with his first two picks but still felt the need to have that third RB. I wish he waited if even one more round.

Should I just pick my kicker?-Because the defense was selected in the 13th round there’s plenty of time and roster space to take a chance on some players. Players like Brandon LaFell. LaFell is on the Patriots. That is reason enough to draft him. I’m little surprised he fell this far. If you have the chance with your last two picks to grab him then do it.

Team 7

Jul 24, 2014; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski (87) and quarterback Tom Brady (12) during training camp at the team practice facility. Mandatory Credit: Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Jul 24, 2014; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski (87) and quarterback Tom Brady (12) during training camp at the team practice facility. Mandatory Credit: Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Great Pick!-This is my mock draft. I made this. I had help from a one other person but this wasn’t a bunch of people who think differently. Still, I am shocked to see Rob Gronkowski available in the 5th round. The durability is an issue that is for sure. We want difference makers in the draft. The guy who gets Gronk gets that. He is scheduled to start the season healthy. If that holds true he should probably be at least a third round pick. Having him cleared for practice so early into camp is very, very good news.

It just felt Right-Drafting Cordarrelle Paterson in the 7th round was filling a need. He drafted three RB’s in his first four picks. While grabbing what could be a steal in Gronk the pick before – then getting Paterson next could be just as big of a pick.

Damnit!-When taking Hakeem Nicks this season many of you will feel optimistic. He is replacing a guy in Indianapolis (Heyward-Bey) where he should upgrade the position immediately. When you look at the next two picks it’s reasonable to believe Team 7 could regret not taking one of the two rookie, Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans.

Should I just pick my kicker?-If you’re drafting kickers before the final round you’re not trying. With the 15th pick Team 7 took Mike Williams who for 2014 is moving north to Buffalo. He interests me as a late round flier purely because he has a legit chance to be the guy. Buffalo traded away Stevie Johnson and drafted a WR with the number one pick. Williams and Robert Woods are the most experienced WR’s on the roster. Hey, maybe you drop him after week 1. Point is the guy should be owned in most to all leagues and if he’s there late just reach down and snatch him up.

Team 8

Great Pick!-Let me repeat what I mentioned earlier – By the time you read this a lot is going to change. Heck, Jimmy Graham’s status as TE might change to a WR. (and now you know how long it took to write this) For now, this is a great pick. Remember, the object of the draft is to obtain as many “advantages” over the rest of your competitors. Once the top 6 or 7 RB’s are gone and so is Calvin you’re basically stuck with either Graham or Manning. Since you can still obtain a Drew Brees or an Aaron Rodgers and it is inherently better to have Graham over say a Julius you go with Graham.  At least, I think you do. I admit, it is hard to deal with absolutes. We shouldn’t do that.  Seriously though, it’s hard for me to understand why with the eighth pick, and those top 7 players are gone you don’t go with Graham. There’s an argument to take him as early as you want in the first round.

It just felt Right-Most us remember the slow start and mysterious play of Colin Kaepernick last season. It’s still a legit concern going into this coming year.. If you never read anything about the 49ers all off season. If you have peered into a few tweets or blogs you would have seen that Kaep and a very healthy Michael Crabtree are poised to have probably one of, if not the best statistical seasons of their careers. When drafting in a re-draft league you need to look at all of your selections and think how much they can realistically improve from the numbers the past few seasons. For Kaep, and still Crabtree the numbers could absolutely shock you come December.

Damnit!-It felt right but then you saw the next pick and wondered why you missed Cordarrelle Patterson.  Roddy White should be in for a much better season than a year ago.  White probably wouldn’t come back to Team 8 in the next round but still, he had a few  and even better options.

Should I just pick my kicker?-The last four rounds of your draft could win you a championship.  If you read me before you heard me talk about my “Super Big-Time League” of ten teams, standard, blah, blah, blah.  A few short seasons ago I missed the playoffs. The only time I have and the year before I started this blog. When I looked at my draft five of my final six picks where dropped off my team at some point. None were due to injuries. I drafted poorly. There was no denying it.  If the bottom half of your draft finds its way into the waiver wire quickly you are going to have an uphill battle all season.

Team 9

Great Pick!-A.J. Green was hit and miss a lot of the 2013 season under performing his second round ADP of 2013. So why is he still a second round draft choice? Simply. He’s amaze-balls. Yea, I said it. Amaze-balls. Want to hear it again? A. Maze. Balls. His QB was in the top 6 in standard scoring last year. Andy Dalton knows who he has at receiver in Green.  He draws a lot of double teams but that’s only because, like I said before he is amaze-balls. By the way, Microsoft Word didn’t spell check it. It’s a real word.

Jun 17, 2014; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets running back Chris Johnson (21) during minicamp at Atlantic Health Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

It just felt Right-Chris Johnson is on a Jets team that has historically said they want to run it down people’s throats. They’ve tried doing that with Shawn Greene and it wasn’t so effective.  CJ2K may not average five yards a carry anymore but almost by default he more than likely backs his way into the top 20 of RB’s. The Jets line is superior to the Titans line so there is cause for a “bounce back” type season from the 28 year old. Yea, I was shocked too. He’s still only 28.

Damnit!-Andre Brown and David Wilson are very tempting late round fliers. Wilson if his health is 100% and Brown who backs up an injury prone Arian Foster could leap from bench players to top 15 RB.  Charles Sims however could do it first.  He’s expected to come into Tampa Bay and compete with Doug Martin for touches.  Not back-up.. Compete! Add to the fact that the Buccaneers already want to use him on passing downs tells me that the biggest part of why we fell in love with Martin in the first place might fall right into Mr. Sims hands.

Should I just pick my kicker?-Drafting Peyton Manning is a good way to start any draft. Honestly, if you want him and you draft first or second or wherever then you should just take him. You’re still going to have to think about a terrible situation I like to call “Peyton Manning is injured.” For this you could take a chance on a guy who’s going to throw to Cordarrelle Patterson.

Team 10

Great Pick!-The first two picks were good picks for Team 10. Demaryius Thomas and Drew Brees are almost locks to have great if not stupid great seasons.. Separately.. Apart.. On their own.  Andre Ellington however is no lock.  In fact, no one on the Cardinals is a lock for a good year.  Someone will have to emerge. Ellington will be a PPR leagues dream. Imagine Darren Sproles in New Orleans if Sproles was the only RB on the team. Again, we don’t work with absolutes in fantasy football but if we did Ellington is going to be an absolutely special player to own.

It just felt Right-There are going to be plenty of different strategies to explore when your draft arrives. Team 10 went best available with his first two picks. That left him in a predicament. The idea was to solidify his WR’s then fill in the blanks with plenty of RB’s. It was the third RB he took and despite his poor play and recent troubles grabbing Ray Rice in the 6th round might be the steal of this draft. Josh Gordon missed the first two games of 2013 and lead his position in fantasy.

Damnit!-Team 10 did make a mistake in this writers opinion. You can tell he started freaking out about his RB situation. He ended up drafting six of them. He also snatched up a couple of good WR’s.  But.. When he drafted Jason Whitten he passed on Emmanuel Sanders who fell to the end of the round.  Given that he was still able to grab Kyle Rudolph towards the end it would have made more sense to add Sanders or even Marques Colston who will be seeking a bounce back year of his own with the Saints offense.

Should I just pick my kicker?-The end of your draft is for taking chances. I’ve repeated it time and time again. Wait on your kicker.. Maybe Stevie Johnson becomes more than you thought in San Fran.

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