With most of the league's franchises coming out and saying they're not going to..."/> With most of the league's franchises coming out and saying they're not going to..."/>

Julius Peppers Will Probably Become a Washington Redskin


With most of the league’s franchises coming out and saying they’re not going to go crazy with spending in the first uncapped season since 1993, the Washington Redskins are apparently going to make that impossible if anyone else wants to sign a free agent.

Sources are saying that the Redskins are willing to pay Peppers whatever it will take to bring him in. Word is that he’s eye-balling about $18 million per season and $40 million in guaranteed money.

If they bring Peppers in, the Redskins will have about $80 million in guaranteed money wrapped up in only two players — players who constantly have their work ethic questioned and seem much more interested in the money football brings rather than playing the game.

Not only is that far too much money, but how in the world can you give that kind of cash to a guy you might ask to switch positions if Haslett has his way and the team moves to a 3-4 defensive scheme?

Sure, Haynesworth is probably athletic enough to play defensive end in that scheme, but Peppers has never played standing up. It’s a completely different position and there will be growing pains.

At 30 years old and $40 million in guarantees, are the Redskins willing to take the gamble that he can actually do it?

He’s probably athletic enough, but what happens if he’s a royal disappointment as an outside linebacker? They would then have a guy getting paid a boatload of money without a real position.

But if we look at Danny Snyder’s history, something tells me he’s not going to care. The Redskins will probably sign Peppers, move to the 3-4, find out he’s no good standing up, and then be stuck with him because there isn’t a team in their right mind who is going to trade for him.

Unless they’re going to stick with the 4-3, they shouldn’t go near Peppers.