Denver Broncos Realize Drafting Knowshon Moreno Was a Mistake


When John Fox took over as the Denver Broncos new head coach, he quickly took away any hope that former top 15 pick Knowshon Moreno may have had at becoming a star in the Denver backfield.

Moreno will enter the 2011-12 NFL season with a smaller role than before. The Broncos have made it clear that their top priority in free agency is going to be to add a true number one option at running back. That move will only spell more trouble and less playing time for the former Georgia Bulldog star.

Moreno never became what the Broncos thought he would become and former head coach Josh McDaniels quickly knew that he made a mistake by drafting the running back. Woody Paige from ESPN’s “Around The Horn” and the Denver Post echoed those thoughts.

“He hasn’t been tough, smart, motivated, if that’s what you’re asking. . . .  He’s not a great clubhouse guy. Interpret that how you want, and he’s been a wimp on the field,” Paige wrote.

Moreno has a lot of work ahead of him if he plans on seeing a significant role in the Broncos backfield. New coach Fox doesn’t appear to be a fan and most of the offense staff remains from the Josh McDaniels era. Moreno knows he has a lot of work to do, yet he has not shown up this offseason for player organized workouts.

His lack of presence only gives Denver another reason to keep him off the field.