Robert Griffin III Passes on Indianapolis?


Earlier today Jim Irsay tweeted that the Colts were having a private workout with Andrew Luck today. He also went on the say that he tried to set up a workout with Robert Griffin III, but RG3’s agent said no.

Shouldn’t he be trying to go number one? Why would he choose not to work out for the Colts? Well, there could be two reasons:

RG3 is convinced that the Colts will take Luck, so he doesn’t want to waste his own time.

It’s almost a fact that Indianapolis will take Andrew Luck with the first pick in 2012. I don’t think RG3 could do anything to change their minds. So why would he workout for a team that he doesn’t think will draft him?

Robert Griffin III doesn’t want to go to Indianapolis.

I wouldn’t blame him, really. Irsay has cut a lot of the Colts’ long term players this offseason, and that doesn’t send a good message to rookies of free agents. The Colts are also in a rebuilding process, and that isn’t very appealing. I think RG3 wants to go to Washington, and that would be the best fit for him.

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