New England Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez Signs Contract Extension


Coming fresh off the heels of Rob Gronkowski, who recently signed a 6-year, $53 million contract extension, Aaron Hernandez now has a lucrative new deal of his own. The franchise presented him with an offer for an additional five years worth $40 million that he is expected to sign Tuesday.

The patriots have two of the most talented tight ends in the league, and they both just got paid what they deserved. While not necessarily as earth-shattering as Gronkowski’s statistics were, Hernandez put up outstanding numbers nonetheless, posting 79 receptions to go along with 910 yards and 7 touchdowns. He also fumbled only once.

With the Patriots, the tight ends are essentially additional receivers, and given that, their paychecks are definitely in line with there production. It was a smart move to lock up Hernandez while they can, as he would only get better and demand more money as he progressed.

Hernandez’s signing also speaks to a commitment from Belichick and the franchise to continue to utilize 2 tight end sets in the passing game. While they both have the ability to block efficiently, there core strengths are related to their abilities to get open and catch the ball.

The signing will also benefit Gronkowski, as having another dangerous weapon at the tight end position will help keep defenses honest and it will be much more difficult for the defense to double team Gronk knowing that Hernandez can be just as dangerous. Consider this a solid move for the franchise, and one that should make Tom Brady a very happy man.

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