When Football Goes Wrong – The Best Worst NFL Interviews [Video]


Sometimes you have to take a break from all the serious stuff, right? Take the time to enjoy the lighter side of life, and bask in the beauty of when football goes wrong. Here at NFL Spin Zone, we strive to bring you best analysis of all the latest news and happenings in the NFL. But when there’s not much of that (which is often the case once the Super Bowl is over), here’s some of this– the best worst NFL interviews.

Up first is Eli Manning being ‘interviewed’ by someone clearly trying her best to make Manning feel a little awkward. It works.

Am I getting this next one right? Brady is crying when he remembers how most teams thought he sucked in the 2000 draft? Unacceptable. And funny. He’s lucky the Patriots took a chance on him! SO pleased he didn’t have to be an insurance salesmen. Don’t worry all you insurance salesmen (or women); I’m sure Brady didn’t mean to offend you and totally belittle your profession.

This one’s cute just for the way it is all totally unedited, so you get to see Dan Marino try his best to compose himself and make sure he gets the team name out there early when he tries the interview for the second time round. How much do these ‘expert’ analysts get paid again?

This one just gets so much better towards the end. I love Marshawn Lynch. This is from several years back, and this is all sorts of awesome. “Hilary….she a Clinton….I’m a Clinton fan”

I dare ya…I double dare ya…

Awww…bless him. “That’s fine, that’s fine, THAT’S FINE!!” Also love the bit where he says “nothing’s funny to me”. Wonder if he means life in general. I just imagine him never laughing at anything. Ever.

Last but not least…just fail forward. You know – fail, but move forward, then fail at a fast rate. What the heck?!!