San Francisco 49ers and Darrelle Revis talk


After the San Francisco 49ers completed their steal a deal that sent Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs for a second-round pick and a semi-valuable conditional selection, rumors ran rampant about the chances of the 49ers parlaying the added picks to the New York Jets for superstar cornerback Darrelle Revis. The 49ers have 15 draft picks this year, and that’s far too many impending roster spots than the Niners can accommodate so a trade for somebody at some point before this year’s draft makes sense for the 49ers.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

According to a tweet from Adam Schefter , a source told fellow ESPN NFL Insider Chris Mortensen that the San Francisco 49ers “are not inclined” to go after Darrelle Revis at this time. It might just be talk, it might be because of the fact that Revis is coming off of a significant injury, or it might be because the 49ers don’t actually want Revis.

The 49ers have arguably the league’s most talented trio of cornerbacks in Carlos Rogers, Tarell Brown, and the unheralded Chris Culliver. Rogers and Brown are the starters with two corners of the field, but Rogers kicks inside to the slot in the nickel and Culliver moves outside. All three of them played very well last season, and all three of them have a high level of talent.

While Revis would take this team to another level, cornerback is far from a position of need for the 49ers. Revis has just one-year on his deal as is, and there is no guarantee of getting a long-term deal. Even if a long-term deal is reached, then that’s a long-term deal for the 49ers that will be given to a guy coming off of an ACL tear.

I believe Revis will be able to come back from his ACL tear and still play at a high level, but it probably isn’t worth the investment or the risk for the 49ers given the talent they already have at the cornerback position. Contrary to what some people think, the New York Jets simply aren’t going to give away Revis and still see his value. John Idzik and Rex Ryan have reiterated these points as well.

To me, Percy Harvin actually makes more sense for the Niners than Darrelle Revis. While Harvin will also command a high price tag and more value heading to the Minnesota Vikings in a trade, the 49ers have a bigger need for a playmaking wide receiver like Harvin than for a shutdown corner like Revis. Although Revis is the better value in a vacuum, he isn’t a better value for the San Francisco 49ers when looking at the talent on their roster.

The 49ers and Jets could still swing a deal and send Revis to the west coast, but it sounds like it is time to table that conversation for at least the short-term. I know I am in the minority, but I don’t see Revis as a great fit for the 49ers.

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