Lauren Silberman Ruined It For Everyone


Mar 3, 2013; Florham Park, NJ, USA; Lauren Silberman talks reporters after walking off at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center after her second kickoff during kicker tryouts. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I mean, come on, Silberman!! Really?! You kicked the ball 19 yards. And then tried again, this time kicking it 13 yards. You really do have a lot to answer for. Women across the world were counting on you to show that they can compete in a man’s world (even as a kicker), but you stunk it up. And I for one, am not buying the ‘injury’ excuse either.

OK, so the whole thing was a little anti climatic, and I am surprised she is not being more thoroughly mocked after pretty much securing herself a position on every future ‘epic fail’ video that will vomit its way out of the Internet in days and weeks to come.

For those who haven’t followed this story, 28 year old Lauren Silberman was taking part in a regional combine in New Jersey, along with 36 other kickers – all of whom were male. Although she has never actually kicked in a competitive football game, she has played soccer, and apparently possesses some good athletic ability.

At the tail end of 2011, the NFL announced that it would allow women to play in the NFL; a move which I comprehensively applaud. I think we need to see female players and also more female referees, following Shannon Eastin refereeing a game last season. Commissioner, Roger Goodell said:

"“Times are changing. The military is about to allow women into combat.   If women are going to be fighting on the battlefield, how can we stop them from participating in football.  It’s not fair  The NFL is open to all players now – regardless of gender.”"

Silberman made history as the first woman to try and land a place on an NFL roster, but let’s be honest – it couldn’t have gone any worse. In case you haven’t seen her ‘kicks’ here’s the video:

You’re feeling pretty sorry for her after watching that, aren’t you? Well, I’m not!!! Why oh why could she have not blasted the ball 60 yards down the field like she claimed she could? Why couldn’t she have made the whole world take notice, and be an inspiration for thousands of young women, hoping to make a name for themselves in a sport shamefully dominated by men.

Silberman herself said:

"”I’m just really happy I had this amazing experience,. I might be the first woman trying out for the NFL, but I certainly hope I’m not the last.”"

Yes, but we could all be a lot more hopeful if you hadn’t of sucked so badly. Need I remind you Lauren, and the rest of the watching the world, that your two combine kicks travelled a combined distance of 32 yards. You let the side down, Lauren. It’s no good smiling about it, and shrugging your shoulders with a quasi-positive outlook. Women were counting on you to lead the way. Now, no woman in the right mind wants to try and make an NFL team.

All that has been achieved throughout this whole sordid affair is this – now even more boneheaded male idiots can sit there and say stuff like: “see, I told you women can’t play football’ or, “oh man, she can’t kick to save her life, but I’d still hit it”. Here are some genuine comments from several fools that I found on the Internet regarding Silberman’s tryout:

"“back to the kitchen she goes. not even 20 yards she kicked…..what a attention whore”“Women, you are not equal to men and never will be. The fact that she was even allowed to try out is blasphemy. Our country is really going backwards…Fat is normal, Illegals have more perks than US born citizens, freedom of speech doesn’t apply to gay people ect..WTF America, lets get this shit together before we crumble!!”“When is a woman going to come along that can truly compete at a man’s level, I want to see a hott chick suited up in a New York Mets uniform or playing for the Chicago Bulls…”“She set women back 100 years. After seeing her attempts, I now believe women should be barefoot, pregnant, and shown the occasional back of the hand…”“women belong in the bedroom!!!”“Women in the NFL will be like women in the army. Meat for the men. Sorry to say it, but they will not like what they find at the end of this road.” (sounds a bit threatening to me – maybe I should report this one.)"

So, you see the kind of attitude that a lot of women appear to be up against. And, dear reader, I hope you have picked up on the tone of this article, and realize that I am in full support of Lauren Silberman, and any other woman that steps up to try out for an NFL team. It pains me to point this out, but I fear that if I don’t, people will genuinely think that I hate Lauren Silberman.

Even though she did suck at kicking the football, at least it has planted a seed. Everything has to start somewhere, right? And in years to come, when the NFL is hopefully full of  female players, from kickers to safeties, to linebackers; we will look back on the day that Lauren Silberman totally screwed up two kicks and say – ‘thank you, Lauren’.