Brett Favre Has No Regrets, But Acknowledges Fault In Leaving The Packers


Oct.1 2011;Hattiesburg, MS, USA; Former NFL and Southern Mississippi quarterback Brett Favre in the television booth for Comcast Sports Southeast (CSS) before the start of the Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles play the Rice Owls at M.M. Roberts Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

This article is dedicated to a little 2 year old boy named Jackson Smith and his family. More info on Jackson will be posted at the end of this article.

The Green Bay Packers and Brett Favre are slowly inching towards another reunion, yes that’s right, another reunion.  But I highly doubt the reunion will involve him throwing on that classic #4 jersey and taking the field as a player for the Green Bay Packers.

"“I don’t know off any player who would not want that to happen. I’m honored just by the thought. Obviously there was, if you want to call it, ‘bad blood’ or whatever. I just think that people started picking sides and really I’m over that and have been over it.” – Favre on possible number retirement"

For 18 years, 16 with the Green Bay Packers and 2 with the Minnesota Vikings, Brett Favre proved that he was one of the toughest quarterbacks to ever play the game. Taking shot after shot, some where we didn’t think he would get back up, he continued to push himself off the turf, brush himself off and get back to work. I have to admit, when he wasn’t playing my Chicago Bears, Brett Favre was probably my favorite quarterback to watch. But now that he is retired,  he intends on keeping it that way.

During the off-season, CEO Mark Murphy said that the franchise needs Brett Favre ‘back in the family.’ And now starting quarterback and another guy who causes my blood pressure to shoot through the roof, Aaron Rodgers agrees. After all he has done for that team, there is now word that the Packers are talking about retiring that memorable #4, which would bring Favre back to Lambeau Field.

"“Aaron has said some very nice things. He and I have a good relationship. I had a chance to represent an award with him at the Super Bowl and that was for real. It wasn’t for show. And so I think everything will be fine.” – Favre on relationship with Rodgers"

A prodigal son who is celebrated by that team, city, along with the thousands of fans across the country, admits that there was bad blood, but he is over and done with it.

"“The things that transpired that led to us ‘breaking up’ if you will, to me are over and done with. When will that happen? I don’t think either side is trying to push the issue. I think Mark Murphy and Mark really came in the last few weeks of my career in Green Bay – He kind of came into a hornet’s nest if you will. He’s been extremely great in trying to make this work. In our discussions, it will happen. I think both sides are genuine. I know they are. And that’s the way it has to come across because that’s the way it should be. We don’t want to go out there waving to the crowd with our backs to each other. And I don’t think that’s going to happen. It is what it is. It’s over and done with. I was at fault. I feel that both sides had a part in it. If you could go back would I or them have done things differently? I’m sure both sides would. But you can’t” – Brett Favre told Milwaukee Journal Sentinel"

Favre said he doesn’t hold any regrets about his career, but he realizes that his final days in Green Bay were awkward and ugly. Not every professional relationship ends well, you can take a look at the Chicago Bears and Brian Urlacher. But after time goes by, the wounds that were left behind do heal.

"“I think in some ways that has happened. Even though it’s a shame the way things went down between I and the packers, as time goes by, it’s like a grudge, you just kind of get over it, you know?” – Favre told ESPN"

Jackson Smith

Now I dedicated this article to a little boy named Jackson Smith and his family. Jackson is currently going through something a child should never go through, but since we have no control over these types of things, he is. A very good friend of mine has a friend who is currently going through this battle along side with his little boy. A boy who one day, may want to throw on pads and a helmet and one day run onto a field on a team of his own. Here is a little back story on Jackson’s situation.

 “Almost 2 years ago a beautiful little baby Jackson was born into the world to the greatest mother and father, our cousin and her husband.  Almost one week ago, our lives changed unexpectedly when we found out baby Jackson had a tumor on his brain stem.  The following day he had successful brain surgery to remove the tumor later to find out after the biopsy came back, it turned out to be an aggressive form of cancer.  We are all waiting to hear back from the doctors at St. Jude’s hospital on the next plan of attack.  We have never been more proud of our cousin, her husband, and their son Jackson for being so strong!  We will all beat this together.”

If you or anybody you know would like to donate to help little Jackson Smith and his family, they would deeply appreciate it. If you can’t, remember that’s alright. All we could do is help spread the word and get this family to the goal they need. If you are interested in donating, there should be a widget below where you can help out. Any amount is appreciated.

On behalf of Fan Sided and NFL Spin Zone, I would like to send our thoughts and prayers to the Smith family.