Hip Hop Legend Snoop Dogg Supports Aaron Hernandez


Feb 5, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez celebrates as he scores a touchdown during Super Bowl XLVI against the New York Giants at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The worlds of professional sports and the music industry are completely different. But the friendships that are made between a pro athlete and a musician can bring those two worlds together.

If you are familiar with hip hop, or at least I hope you are, then you know who Snoop Dogg happens to be, well Snoop Lion. Back in the early 1990’s, the legendary rapper out of Long Beach, California was facing murder charges of his own.

He was acquitted of those first and second degree charges after the jury couldn’t reach a verdict on whether Snoop Dogg and his bodyguard at the time committed voluntary manslaughter. Which later on, led Snoop to release his well known track, ‘Murder Was The Case’.

Snoop who happens to be a huge football fan, reached out to Hernandez on Instagram saying:

"“Keep ya head up!! We prayn for ya.”"

Even though Hernandez has no way of seeing this message, I’m pretty sure it is going to circulate and end up getting back to him.

Innocent until proven guilty is always used in a court of law. But when you have possible evidence or connections to other murders in the past and being sued by another individual for a ruthless act, things won’t look that good on your end.

Despite the rappers history with marijuana, the NFL has allowed him to appear on NFL Network multiple times. Back in 2005, Snoop started his own youth football league called, ‘Snoop Youth Football League’, where they began in September and had 7 regular season games including playoffs.

He began this league to help lead young kids who grew up in tough neighborhoods down the right path, having nearly 1,300 kids participating in 2005.  Teaching them character, integrity, discipline and team work, in hopes of helping them overcome their environment where some kids pass away at a young age or spend time in prison.

A place in which former New England Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez, is possibly going to end up. Now we are all human and make mistakes, the things we do in the past will usually come back to bite us.

Aaron Hernandez and Snoop Dogg are obviously not the only celebrities to be put through a murder trial. Some have walked away and haven’t had to worry about prison time, while others weren’t as lucky.

In a wild month that has overshadowed Tim Tebow joining the Patriots, Hernandez will most likely remain in the spot light until this trial is done and over with.

Now it isn’t wrong for someone to believe another is innocent of the crimes that they were accused of. Everyone has a right to believe in what they want and to support who they want. But I have a feeling Snoop supporting Hernandez will get a bunch of mixed reaction from fans in any sport or genre of music.