Deceased Fan Requests Cleveland Browns Paul Bearers


May 10, 2013; Berea, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns linebacker Ausar Walcott (left) sprints with the team during rookie minicamp at the Cleveland Browns Training Facility. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

It is almost rare to be a dedicated fan these days. Some fans jump bandwagon to bandwagon in hopes of becoming a fan of a winning team. Most, who grew up watching one specific team in either sport, stick with that team through thick and thin, til the day they pass away.

Scott Entsminger, who was a life long Cleveland Browns fan passed away last Thursday at the at of 55 years old. A team who hasn’t had that much success in its franchise, but has some of the most dedicated fans in sports. Like my Chicago Cubs, the Cleveland Browns were never really known as winners, but as a team that was easily overlooked and targeted for negative attention due to their lack of championships. So a story like this really caught my eye and has my full attention.

Although they haven’t won a championship since the 1960’s, Cleveland Browns fans continue to back their team and pack their stadium each game of the season.

Scott was born January 8th, 1953 in Columbus, Ohio. He retired from General Motors after 32 years of service and was also a musician. A fan who would write songs with advice on what changes the Cleveland Browns should make to it’s team each season. His request to have 6 Cleveland Browns to become his Paul Bearers so they can let him down ‘One More Time’ is quite beautiful and I think should be honored.

The family of the man who cheered for his beloved Browns through and through, requested that those who attend his services wear Cleveland Brown clothing in honor of their deceased loved one.

So from the sounds of it, this was more than a team. Those fans who are dedicated like myself and Scott, consider their favorite teams almost like a family. My love for the Chicago Bears and Chicago Cubs were handed down to me by my Father and Grandfather. When my Grandfather passed away in March of 2000, I continued to keep the love of that team who hasn’t won a World Series in over 100 years alive. I watch every Opening Day and continue to watch games whenever they are on TV.

Another lifelong fan, but this time for the Washington Redskins also passed away last week, will be buried in a Robert Griffin III jersey. His family said he held off on buying one because he didn’t want to jinx the young quarterback who would go onto becoming the Rookie of the Year.

Stories like these, no matter how short or long, should always be in the spotlight. No matter what team it is, either the New York Yankees, New England Patriots, Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, or any other winning/losing franchise teams. Because without dedicated fans who know almost everything about every player or coach, there are no real fans.

Condolences go out to these two fans who will be laid to rest.