Steelers @ Patriots Is Week 9’s Top NFL Tickets


We’re finally at the halfway point of the 2013 NFL season. Through eight weeks, the pretenders have mostly been weeded out from the contenders. Former contenders like the Falcons and Texans appear to be on their last leg, while the Lions and Bengals are looking strong as they head into the second half of the season.

We’re absent of the mighty Denver Broncos in week nine, as well as the stout San Francisco 49ers. That takes a bit of allure away from the NFL action this week, but as always, there’s still plenty to tune in for – even in a week with six teams on their bye.

The Kansas City Chiefs are still undefeated and enter week nine at 8-0, while we get a huge divisional clash between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football to cap the week.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers @ New England Patriots | Avg Price: $304 | Get-in Price: $118 | Weekly Trend: -26%

Steelers tickets aren’t a hot commodity at all right now, but New England is 6-2 and finding ways to win games this year. They play host to the struggling Steelers, which likely means for their seventh win as long as Tom Brady can raise his recent level of play. This isn’t the matchup it would have been just two years ago, but Patriots tickets remain in high demand due to their success in 2013 and in general.

2. Minnesota Vikings @ Dallas Cowboys | Avg Price: $279 | Get-in Price: $74 | Weekly Trend: -1%

Tony Romo keeps Cowboys tickets in demand on his own, but this one in Dallas should pick up value due to it likely being a near-guaranteed win. Adrian Peterson is a draw for anyone hunting down Vikings tickets, but Minnesota is just 1-6 and can’t get anything consistency out of their passing game. If that continues here, an underrated ‘Boys defense could have a field day. On the flip-side, a heated Dez Bryant will be hard pressed not to go off against a very weak Vikings secondary.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Seattle Seahawks | Avg Price: $218 | Get-in Price: $100 | Weekly Trend: -12%

Buccaneers tickets aren’t flying off the shelves these days, but the exact opposite is the reality when it comes to their games being against top-end opponents. That’s exactly what the 7-1 Seahawks are, as they host a Bucs team that has yet to win this year. The sure-fire Seattle win makes Seahawks tickets even more enticing this week, as fans should be in for a blowout. Rookie Tampa Bay passer Mike Glennon has proven to be ineffective and Seattle will want to rebound in a big way at home after struggling against the Rams in week eight.

4. Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers | Avg Price: $214 | Get-in Price: $97 | Weekly Trend: -31%

If Jay Cutler (hamstring) were healthy, there’s little doubt this matchup would take the cake for this week’s top-five breakdown. Packers tickets are never easy to land, but neither are Bears tickets when you’re talking about such a heated rivalry. On top of the history involved, this battle happens to take place at historic Lambeau Field. Put Cutler in this matchup and a possible shootout adds crazy value to this in a Monday night clash. As it stands, it’s still a huge NFC North battle and is arguably even had for a bit of a deal this week.

5. New Orleans Saints @ New York Jets | Avg Price: $201 | Get-in Price: $55 | Weekly Trend: -12%

Geno Smith has been struggling bad enough to drop the value of New York Jets tickets a bit this week, but Drew Brees and the Saints coming to town still keeps this matchup in the top-five. The Saints have just one loss on the season, putting Saints tickets at a premium at this point in the season. New York is extremely unlikely to be able to handle the pace the Saints will bring to the table, but it’s still a home game and a game Gang Green needs if they want to keep up with the Patriots in the AFC East.