DeSean Jackson chooses his number with the Redskins


After signing with the Washington Redskins earlier this week, DeSean Jackson seemingly put some of his troubles with the Eagles behind him. It was not long after before Jackson did what he does best and started to ruffle some feathers in his new home. He revived all those sentiments that Jackson is “all about me,’ selfish, and willing to say just about anything to the media:

We don’t know the context of this statement, whether he would seriously try to convince RGIII to change his number, or what. Personally, I think asking the QB, captain, existing face of the franchise, and owner of the 11th highest selling jersey in the NFL is absolutely ridiculous and a lot of Redskins fans agree with me. The thought probably shouldn’t have even crossed his mind, yet somehow made its way to the ears of Adam Schefter.

Luckily for Skins fans and those sick of hearing about DeSean Jackson, he chose his new number and RGIII did not. Jackson chose #11, shown in the tweet below.

As funny as it would have been to watch another big Redskins signing blow up in their face, this time barely hours after the signature, I’m glad we narrowly avoided this one. I can’t deal with anymore DeSean Jackson talk for now. I will be holding my breath until he inevitably asks for a new contract after his first 100-yard game.