NFL Draft: Teams to watch on day three


This now day three of the NFL draft, and there is still plenty of talent that remains undrafted. ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter explains there are teams who can rack up on draft picks, and then there are those who went all in on days one and two. Schefter tweets:

"“Jets scheduled to have have a league-high 9 of the 156 picks today. Browns have just 2, the fewest of any franchise.”"

The Jets can get some solid receivers on day three. South Carolina’s Bruce Ellington, UCLA’s Shaq Evans, and Alabama’s Kevin Norwood are all still awaiting their phone calls from NFL teams. Perhaps the Jets will select one of these reamining wideouts to go along with second round pick, TE Jace Amaro.

As for the Cleveland Browns, they only have two remaining picks in the draft. News on Browns wideout Josh Gordon possibly facing a year-long suspension really puts Cleveland in the driver’s seat to also get a wideout.

Other players such as AJ McCarron, Aaron Murray, and Zack Mettenberger highlight the remaining quarterbacks.

Teams who can rack up on players today start with the Jets who have nine more selections. The Falcons and Patriots have seven. The Cowboys have eight. A number of teams have six more selections, leaving the remaining teams with roughly four more selections.

I expect the Carolina Panthers to make some more splashes by trading up in rounds four through six. Also, the Houston Texans have yet to select a quarterback. Rumors of Mallett to the Texans still linger, but it was said New England was shopping for a third round pick. The deal is far from dead in the water, but I’m intrigued to find out how the final day of the draft shapes up.