NFL All-Division Super Bowl: AFC North vs. NFC North


Each division’s best players have been assembled into a neat, 22-man roster of starters, and the tournament that started on Monday will come to a close today with our All-Division Super Bowl between the AFC North and NFC North. It looks like the NFC North should be considered the favorites, as they earned a first-round high 302 votes and dispatched the fearsome NFC West. Aaron Rodgers and his elite group of receivers then took the stout NFC South to task, and they ended up winning by a pretty wide margin.

The AFC North absolutely thrashed the AFC South in the first round in what was an easy, expected win for Geno Atkins, Joe Thomas, and Co. Peyton Manning and the AFC West came in as the favorites, but the AFC North squad was able to squeak by them in a 53.52%-46.48% contest.

This Super Bowl is an enticing matchup, as the AFC North has a hard-nosed defense with talented receivers and a legendary offensive line, while the NFC North’s offense is stacked to the brim and has playmakers on defense like Ndamukong Suh and Clay Matthews.

Take a look at the full rosters below, then vote for a winner in the poll below.

AFC North

NFC North

Now that you’ve taken a look at both rosters, it’s time to vote on the winner of our All-Division Super Bowl.

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