The 3 Most Brady Quinn Articles Written by Brady Quinn


Oct 28, 2013; St. Louis, MO, USA; Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) talks to quarterback Brady Quinn after the game against the St. Louis Rams at Edward Jones Dome. Seahawks defeated the Rams 14-9. Mandatory Credit: Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Brady Quinn, former star quarterback of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and former member of the Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets, St. Louis Rams, and Miami Dolphins. Quinn has started writing for a website called Football by Football, which was started by former NFL Quarterback, Sage Rosenfels, that gives former football player’s opinions on today’s game. I would definitely recommend the site, as even though I don’t think that football players always make the best analysts, I do think they can provide insight that is impossible to obtain as an outsider.

That being said, the articles by Brady Quinn are the most Brady Quinn that has ever Brady Quinned in the history of Brady Quinn. If I were to start writing parody Brady Quinn articles, these are the three articles I would write.

3. Football by Football published an article where a few of their writers picked the guy they thought was the most underrated player in the NFL. Brady Quinn was one of the contributors. Brady Quinn has been on many teams, so there are so many possible teammates he could choose from as a guy he truly respects. He has also seen a lot of football, so he could have picked someone that gave him a lot of trouble in the NFL. Did Brady Quinn select from either of these categories? Of course not. Brady Quinn did the most Brady Quinn thing possible and picked his brother-in-law, AJ Hawk.

The most Brady Quinn part of the article is:

“Each year that’s gone by he’s continued to drop a little bit of weight.  He says its to help him continue to run and feel fast.  I think it’s because he’s so selfless that he always make sure his family comes first.  I’ve witnessed countless times while he’s in a time crunch and has sacrificed his opportunity to eat something in order to ensure his daughter and son had what they needed.”

In an article claiming that AJ Hawk is the most underrated player in the NFL, this is a blatant example of something that is detrimental to Hawk’s potential as a football player as he is not taking care of his body. In the grand scheme of things, AJ Hawk is definitely making the right decision, and I commend him for that. But only Brady Quinn could see a guy not eating to the point of consistent weight loss and use it as a point for him being underrated.

2. Brady Quinn did not have a successful NFL career, and there are many factors that probably led to that. He was probably overrated coming out of college, but this was not a guy without talent either, and far less talented quarterbacks have had much longer careers. One thing that happened is that Brady Quinn got very few reps early on in his career. He did not start a game and got only got eight pass attempts in his rookie year, and only got three starts in year two. By year three, he still had less than a full season of experience. So of course Brady Quinn wrote an article praising the Raiders for starting Derek Carr in his rookie season.

The most Brady Quinn part of the article is:

“As was once told to me by a prominent Super Bowl winning (and now retired) NFL head coach, it takes three years to evaluate whether a QB can play in the league. The first year he’s still learning the offense and getting adjusted to the various defenses he will face from week-to-week. The second year he’s beginning to mesh with the personnel around him and gaining confidence in his ability to succeed at this level. The third year is when he should be able to flourish in the offense and win you games. If he doesn’t, well… then you know you’re either shopping for or drafting a QB for the following season.”

Brady Quinn never even really got to the second year of the program, so he never got his chance to change the NFL forever.

Can there be a more Brady Quinn article than that? Oh yes, there is definitely a more Brady Quinn article than that.

1. By now, Brady Quinn pretty much has to accept his fate to be a backup quarterback. He has been in many camps but has not been able to stick with a team, and his NFL career could be over. Still, he is not so far out of it that he couldn’t make a team, but even then, he probably wouldn’t even be the main backup. Unfortunately, the number of teams carrying three quarterbacks has been shrinking these past few years leaving less opportunities for Quinn to make the team. But still, there’s no way he would write an article expounding on the virtues of the third-string quarterback, would he? Oh, you bet your ass he would. He uses Austin Davis as an example of the value of the third-string quarterback.

The most Brady Quinn part of the article is:

“Keeping three quarterbacks not only makes your team better, it puts a better product on the field on Sundays.

And that’s always in the best interest of the NFL.” 

Good news folks, we have finally reached Peak Brady Quinn.

Now I’m not saying these thoughts are wrong…okay, I am definitely saying the AJ Hawk piece was wrong, but the other articles make some very good points. All I am really saying is that these are the most Brady Quinn thoughts that Brady Quinn could have possibly put on paper. I just hope his next article finally addresses this picture.