Randall Cobb Gets ad Deal after Ketchup Mess


A few weeks ago, Green Bay Packers WR Randall  Cobb scored a touchdown and did a Lambeau Leap and returned with a jersey full of ketchup. Now he has an ad deal because of that incident. 

Against the Carolina Panthers, Randall Cobb scored a touchdown and did the traditional Lambaeu Leap, but when he returned from the stands he noticed that he had ketchup all over his jersey. He talked about it in the presser after the game:

"“I apologize to whoever’s hot dog that was,” Cobb said. “It was fresh. I know that because I had all of the ketchup on me.” Cobb said he likes hot dogs, even ones with ketchup. “I wasn’t expecting one to get on my shoulder pads, though,” said Cobb, who caught six passes for 121 yards. – ESPN"

I would be pretty bummed if I lost an $8 hot dog in the game, but I guess it is worth the touchdown score and having a pro football player in your lap.

Anyway, Cobb turned that moment into a deal in advertising.

Clorox jumped all over that opportunity! They wanted to get a piece of that action and quickly got Cobb to pose with the product and made it happen.

Next time Cobb makes a Lambeau Leap, he knows that he can clean out his jersey with Clorox. He doesn’t have to fear hot dogs that are full of ketchup. I know I won’t next time I make the leap.

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