Joseph Randle’s teammates want him out


Dallas Cowboys second-year running back Joseph Randle humorously earned an endorsement deal after being arrested for shoplifting, and he was fined $29,500 by the team for stealing underwear and cologne at Dillard’s. The incident itself was funny in a “Wow, that’s pathetic” sort of way, but Randle’s biggest issues go beyond this shoplifting incident. He’s engaged in conduct detrimental to the team, including an altercation with Cowboys superstar receiver Dez Bryant during practice. It’s gotten so bad that he’s completely lost the trust of his teammates, and, at this point, we’re left wondering if Randle has a future with the team.

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ESPN Dallas’s Calvin Watkins reports that “a majority” of Cowboys players would like the team to cut ties with Randle for his behavior, and Watkins reports that head coach Jason Garrett called the meeting today regarding Randle in order to set things straight. It’s unclear if Garrett’s attempt was successful, and we might only know the truth if he is released, because that would mean that Garrett was unsuccessful in his attempt to sway the team.

Randle averaged just three yards per carry last season as a rookie, receiving 54 touches on the ground to go with eight receptions. This year, he has one catch and a solid 21 carries for 148 yards. DeMarco Murray has been a complete beast this season, and the Cowboys have been spoonfeeding him more than any other back in this league. I thought Lance Dunbar was going to have a big role in this offense, and that could still happen down-the-road, especially if Randle is released (this is under the assumption that the Cowboys will ease Murray’s workload, but there’s honestly no sign of that coming).

At the end of the day, I have a feeling this Randle business will be resolved without him receiving a pink slip from the office of Jerry Jones, but we’ll have to wait for further details. Of course, the main focus is on tomorrow’s big game against the Arizona Cardinals, as well as Tony Romo’s health going forward.