Fantasy Football Players to Avoid: Ride or Die Week 10

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Nov 2, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer (3) is hit as he throws by Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Tyrone Crawford (98) at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Fantasy Football season, for the majority of leagues is coming down to these next four weeks. This is were the pretenders will be separated from the contenders. This is also the last chance for many of you to make a trade that will help you get to that fantasy football promised land. Championship-land.

On Wednesday I gave you a couple of players I would try to add if you had a need at any of those positions. Today is where we talk about a few players who might look attractive but you should avoid for the rest of this season. These guys have shown it but I wouldn’t expect them to help to win in the long run.

Carson Palmer, QB Arizona Cardinals:

It’s difficult to not like what’s going on over there in the desert. Since his return in week six he has averaged over 250 yards and just over two touchdowns while averaging a pick every other game. The hope here is he is just a bye week fill in for some of you this week. Despite is consistency he hasn’t shown he can have or even attempt a ‘WOW’ type game. Andrew Luck throwing for 350+ yards and three touchdowns. That’s a ‘WOW’ type game. Tom Brady, 400+ yards and more than three scores- Another ‘WOW’ type game. Carson will make sure you don’t have negative game but it will be a tough task winning the whole burrito when he faces Detroit, Seattle, Kansas City and St. Louis.. Twice!

Ronnie Hillman, RB Denver Broncos:

Here’s the situation. You drafted Montee Ball in the second, or far worst the first round. When he went down you were able to grab Hillman off of waivers first. Since, you’ve been doing pretty good getting yourself to a wining record. Now, Ball is coming back. If not this week then it will be next week. Yes, Hillman has looked better as the starter in Ball’s absence. No, it is not a forgone conclusion that Ball will take over at all if ever again this season No, you can’t count on the latter happening. This week and next are a lot of league’s trade deadlines. If I were you (and I am in three leagues) then I would trade Hillman (and Ball) for something, anything before this roster decision ends up costing any of the weeks 14, 15 or 16.

Steve Smith Sr., WR Baltimore Ravens:

I simply think the second honeymoon is over. We have loved this guy since his rookie year. All those years of production out Carolina were really something to look back in awe of. After last seasons disappointment he gave us a second honeymoon of sorts in his production. In the first four weeks of the season he managed three touchdowns and over 100 yards receiving in three of those games. In the five weeks since he has only one touchdown and only one game over 100 yards. Incidentally it was the same game, week six at Tampa Bay. In that same time span he has only one other game over 37 yards. The targets are still there but his use of them is lighter than we have seen before. It is a reminder that he is still older and the season is still long.

Now on to Ride or Die. Again, this isn’t a start them or sit them type of column. It’s just some players who I believe will or won’t have a day that you are used to seeing out of them. This is how I manage my team and it is up to you to see if that works for you. These are your decisions. Don’t ever forget that.

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