Chicago Bears, As the Wind Blows


The wind isn’t the only thing that blows in Chicago these days. The Chicago Bears 2014 season has become one of the worst shows in the history of entertainment. Somehow, this great NFL franchise has turned into a something that more closely resembles a terrible magic show at a kids birthday party. The jokes are bad and when the smoke clears you can see the strings. That’s when you see what’s really going on.

The Bears have become a bad joke. In August they were a team with high hopes and playoff aspirations. Now they’ll be lucky to end this season in front of stadium with fans in it. Take your pick. From players to front office this team is horrific. It’s a hodgepodge of misfits from around the league.

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First there’s Phil Emery. Now, I like the guy personally. He went from athletic trainer, to scout and now general manger of an NFL franchise. That’s an impressive feat. It makes me believe that one day I could work my way into a position like that. After all, I act as a general manager of my team on Madden. I am sure I could put together a team that is no worse than the current one soldiering out every Sunday.

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Then there’s the coach, Marc Trestman. He’s a smart coach that no one in the NFL wanted. Somehow, he managed to impress the Bears front office more than Bruce Ariens. The QB whisperer isn’t proficient enough at this level. Winning all the Grey Cups in the world doesn’t mean you can run, let alone manage an NFL locker room.

Next is Mel Tucker. What ever you want to say about the offense, the defense does tremendously less in the area of support for this team. Last season his defense allowed 478 points to opponents. That’s an average of nearly 30 points per game. How is a team supposed to have any success when they have a 30 point hole right off the bat? This season they have allowed a staggering 277 points in nine games. They’ve managed to get worse than they were a year ago.

The defense isn’t the only lost cause in Chi-town. Jay Cutler was recently given an elite level contract which will keep him at the helm in Chicago for at least the next three seasons. That’s right Bears faithful, you have at least two more seasons of this. The really sad part is, when he wants to be good Cutler can stand up to the best in the league. The problem is, he doesn’t want to be good. He’s getting too used to answering questions about what’s wrong with the team.

There’s  a lot of blame to go around in the windy city. Each part has done their fair share in adding to the demise of this once respectable franchise. This Sunday in Minnesota it will take a lot more than smoke and mirrors to get this team back on the right (and winning) track.