Chicago Bears Super Bowl Odds


Given the current status of the Chicago Bears, (5-6, 3rd NFC North) the given title to this piece seems pretty inappropriate. Despite two straight home wins the team does not have the appearance of a potential champion. That’s what a team who still obtains a shot at post-season play looks like. Potentially.

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This team resembles a Corvette with no transmission more so than playoff caliber football team. At least they can roll down hills. Still, as it stands and not officially eliminated from contention the Bears are a 125:1 shot to win it all, according to Las Vegas. Currently, those are better odds than Buffalo (200-1), Houston (300-1), Carolina (500-1), St. Louis (1,000-1), Minnesota (1,000-1) and Tampa Bay (3,000-1).

Those last two teams on the list represent the two most recent opponents the Bears have faced. Teams who, not unlike the Bears have struggled mightily on both sides of the line of scrimmage. Two teams,that are either training or waiting for a quarterback. Two teams who preach solid defense (mostly unsuccessfully) while they teach their less than effective offenses.

Both teams are a sub-par NFL caliber team. Any other decent team and Marc Trestman’s bunch don’t stand a chance. All you have to do to see the problem is to take a look at Sunday’s first half against the Buccaneers. Heck, just watch the first drive.

Against a 2-8 team they could only manage 68 total yards of offense.  I understand that the former Chicago head coach, Lovie Smith was standing on the opposite sideline.. But 68 yards? C’mon man!

It’s barely enjoyable to watch. You would have to be one naive Bears fan, or just extremely busy in the other room to not see how dismal this unit looks, together.. As a unit.

This shot exemplifies the 2014 season for the Chicago Bears..

Take Brandon Marshall for example. No really, because I don’t think another NFL team will. I love his talent. I truly do. I remember rooting for him even back in his days with Denver. He’s a freak on the football field. Super exciting to watch. Sometimes it seems his head can’t keep up with his body.

During the first drive of the game Marshall was called for a false start. That was it. On the first drive the momentum was killed. The offenses’ heads were down. The team as a whole had a tough time coming back from that just to win the game 21-13. It was a struggle. Marshall ended up with three catches for only 32 yards. That’s only 3.2 points for you fantasy players out there.

It’s going to get uglier before it gets better. The Bears will travel to Detroit for a Thanksgiving Day match-up before having another Thursday game in Chicago against the Dallas Cowboys the following week.

Following that, they get an extra day when they host Monday Night football against the Saints. Afterwards they host Detroit for their second match-up before ending the season in Minnesota.

As you can see, this 5-6 team looks to end the season around 6-10, maybe. This is not what the Chicago Bears hierarchy thought about when they hired Trestman and signed Jay Cutler to that multi-year extension. The 125-1 odds to win the Super Bowl may be the best odds this team see’s for a long time.