What’s Next For Brian Hoyer


After weeks of downward spiraling, Brian Hoyer was replaced in the second half of the Cleveland Browns’ game against the Buffalo Bills this Sunday. 22nd overall pick Johnny Manziel came into relieve the struggling Hoyer. After watching Hoyer throw three interceptions last week and two interceptions on Sunday, it was refreshing to see the rookie come in cold off the bench to complete five of his eight passes for 63ards y and rush for a touchdown.

That said, Manziel is a raw passer needs to be handled delicately, but that is another discussion. On the other, less exciting side of the story, what is to become of Hoyer?

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After the 2014 season, Hoyer becomes an unrestricted free agent, meaning he is no longer a Brown and can sign where he pleases. Hoyer has a few options at hand, but the Browns certainly have the leverage because of Manziel. With the organization having the leverage, Hoyer should not be too optimistic in regards to contract salary.

There is a possibility than Hoyer signs back with Cleveland, but he would not be in line for a starting job and he knows that. Though, Hoyer is an Ohio native and may be content with playing second fiddle to the young gunslinger- for the right price, of course. Hoyer’s body of work has shown that he can not sustain success as a starter or run an offense without it being somewhat limited, but at the same time, he has proven that he can provide value as a reliable backup.

But lets be real, how often do quarterbacks who were just starters sign back to the same team knowing that they will not start? Furthermore, who would? The universal goal in the NFL is to start and do as much as one can to get their team to the Super Bowl. With that said, Hoyer is more likely to leave town and sign elsewhere.

In his “good” games, Hoyer flashed enough ability for a team in search of a stop-gap replacement to be interested in him. Teams like the New York Jets and the Washington Redskins come to mind.

The Jets have given up on Geno Smith, Michael Vick is subpar and there will be a new staff running the ship next year. That has all the makings to be Hoyer’s landing spot. Similarly, the Redskins ruined Robert Griffin III, Colt McCoy and Kirk Cousins are both poor quarterbacks and Jay Gruden (if he is still there) may be looking to take a shot on any veteran to salvage what he can of the Washington offense. In both cases, the organization may find themselves desperate enough to throw money at Hoyer.

The Browns would surely want him back, but as stated before, Hoyer is a doubtful return. The ideal situation for Hoyer is that a team pays him to be a starter and he follows the Matt Cassel career path. Hoyer overachieved for a short period of time and some team will be foolish enough to buy into that or want him as a stop-gap to help another rookie along. If you do not believe so, remember that the Buccaneers signed Josh McCown and the Texans signed Ryan Fitzpatrick just this past off-season.

Hoyer is not a world-beater, but he has a place in this league. Does he have a place as a starter? No, but it will probably happen. Brian Hoyer will have a long career in the NFL, but his immediate future spells out disappointment and the loss of another starting job.