DeMarco Murray has surgery on hand, but Cowboys should not worry


Dallas Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray is having surgery on his left hand and could be out for a bit with the injury, but the Cowboys should not worry about his status until the playoffs. The team’s offensive line is good enough to open up holes for any of the running backs that are already on the roster. Lance Dunbar and Joseph Randle should be good enough to pick up yards on the ground for the team in the final 2 games. They can make some plays for the Cowboys down the stretch. They don’t have the talent of DeMarco, but they should be good enough for the team to survive in the next couple of weeks. It will give Murray the time to heal up.

Murray still has not ruled out playing in the game on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts. He is still leaving it as a possibility and could suit up. The Cowboys are in a playoff race. Just give him the same meds that has kept Tony Romo in games. I am pretty sure Romo is missing ribs and has no back, but he still is on the field throwing the ball around. DeMarco should be able to see the field.

Murray broke the bone in his left hand. He has another hand right? If he thinks that he can produce with the busted up left hand then let him get on the field. I think the Cowboys still would be able to run the ball with the other guys on the roster, but they won’t be as effective as Murray.

Murray has been successful this season, but a lot of credit has to go to that beast of an offensive line in front of him. Can’t take anything away from Murray and his skills, but this line can create some space and move people for the backs. They make some backs look good.

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