New Orleans Saints: Road Warriors


The New Orleans Saints are sitting on top of the big mess that is called the NFC South. Nobody wants to win that division! The Saints took there spot at the top of it with the win against the Bears on Monday Night. The Falcons fell over the weekend and the Carolina Panthers won over the weekend.

Someone has to win this thing. Someone will get into the playoffs with a terrible record while other teams with better records will be sitting at home. The Saints can’t help that they play in a poor division and they are looking to take advantage of it. On Monday, it was a battle of 5-8 teams, but the Saints had something to play for. They wiped the Bears away and looked like a solid team.

What Saints team was that out there on Monday? They were on the road and they actually played well. Strange enough, the Saints last 3 wins have come on the road. The team has lost their last 4 games at home and have won their last 3 road games. They are now ROAD WARRIORS!

Too bad the team will be hosting a game in the playoffs if they win the NFC South. Can the team ask to play on the road instead? For some reason the Saints have struggled at home as of late. This is a team that was dominant at home in the past, but they are nowhere close to that team now.

The Saints control their destiny and have a huge division matchup in Atlanta on Sunday. Luckily the team has this road winning streak rolling. They get a chance to bring it into Atlanta. If they can get by Atlanta, they finish off the season against the miserable Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We could see a win streak put together and the division could be won at 8-8.

I expect the team to close out the year with a pair of wins and finish the season at 8-8. They will get to host that playoff game, but I can’t expect much else when they get into the dance. They will likely take a quick exit.

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