Fantasy Football Championships: Ride or Die Week 16

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Dec 14, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (12) scrambles out of the pocket against the Houston Texans at Lucas Oil Stadium. Indianapolis defeats Houston 17-10. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

So it’s come down to this. One more week. Give yourself a nice pat on the back. There will be doubters out there. Naysayers if you will. They will tell you it was all luck. You wouldn’t have beat the number one ranked team if he didn’t have such a lousy game out of Andrew Luck.

Anyone who wants to tell you the only reason you’re in the championship is completely based on luck, they just don’t get fantasy football, and that’s OK. Those people weren’t in your head at the draft when you needed to decide on Le’Veon Bell or Montee Ball.

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The same people who want to tell you that if they made this one move you wouldn’t have mad it this far. They don’t mean it. They’re just naive and to caught up with their own struggles to realize what you went through one Friday night, lying awake in your bed. It’s past midnight and all you want to know is.. “Should I pick up C.J. Anderson?”

Only you know you. Only you know how bad it was when you dropped Tom Brady for Joesph Randle in week 5. It will only be you who remembers you drafted Rueben Randle two picks before Mike Evans.

All of the moves, for better or worse our yours. A looks like you made a few pretty darn good ones. If you had made one move this year differently you may not be here.

I know someone, he’s a huge fan of the club from our nations capitol. His favorite player is RGIII, which is to be expected. Well, he believed back in August that RGIII and his team were going to have a really big year. He told me all things about schedule and how he felt no other team in the division had a good enough defense. So, he drafts RBIII as his QB.

He didn’t reach for him. It wasn’t like he took him in the second round. He drafted a solid team of position players and in the 10th round he took RGIII. He started to struggle mightily early on. For one thing, his first round pick was LeSean McCoy and his second round pick was A.J. Green.

Well, both of those players struggled early on this season. They weren’t helping anyone in fantasy football. After starting a putrid 1-5 someone dropped Tom Brady. It was right after his debacle of a Monday Night game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Smartly, after struggling with of pick ups like Alex Smith and Eli Manning, he finally dropped RGIII and signed Brady.

Well, Brady as we know turned it around and had some stellar games. He also added some players like C.J. Anderson and even traded for T.Y. Hilton but.. Had he never drafted RGIII he would have had to make a bunch of different moves and more than likely doesn’t make it this far.

Onto the Ride or Die. First, this is the last one of the year. Somewhere around 90% of leagues are done after this week. I know there are two week leagues. You take the total score from weeks 16 and 17.

Yea.. I get it.

You’re still not making any roster moves next week. So this is it. For 2014 anyway. Always keep coming back to for all things NFL.

Same old rules still apply. Standard leagues, blah, blah blah..

Let’s get to it.

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