Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch Goes Beast Mode Again [GIF]


Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch did it again.

Check out Marshawn do work against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday Night Football.

Marshawn hasn’t gotten a ton of touches in the game. He has 10 carries in the game at this point and already has 2 touchdowns. That run went for 79 yards and he shook off multiple defenders to get in the end zone. He had 113 yards on the night.

He ended the run with the Hold my D*** pose. We have seen that pose come from him before.

I wonder if the New Orleans Saints players had some flashbacks after seeing that play and that pose. Do you remember when Marshawn did the same thing against them?

Here is a bit of a reminder of it all:

Marshawn just went BEAST MODE all over again. Such a thing of beauty to see him shake off all those defenders on his route to the end zone. This season, Lynch entered the game with 1133 yards rushing and 10 touchdowns. Add up those 113 yards and 2 touchdowns to that total for his season now. Another great year for the back.

Lynch didn’t even start the game because he was having some stomach issues. He put the exclamation mark on the game though with that run on the Cardinals defense.

The Seahawks beat the Cardinals on Sunday Night 35-6. They will have a shot at taking the division next week when they face off against the St. Louis Rams. There are 5 different teams that are tied with 11 wins at the top of the NFC. The Seahawks will be looking to get out of the West with the top spot and will also be looking to get a BYE in the first round.

Do you all remember when the Seahawks were sitting at 3-3 and just traded Percy Harvin off of the roster? Things sure have changed since then. The Seahawks now have won 5 straight games to close out the year. They are rolling at the right time.