New York Jets should trade for Kirk Cousins


It’s hard to be a New York Jets fan. Heck, this is a team that doesn’t have a general manager, head coach, or viable option at the quarterback position right now. Obviously those first two areas of need will be addressed in the near future, but that still leaves the most important position in football up in the air. I’ve praised this guy for a while now, but I believe that Washington Redskins signal-caller Kirk Cousins could very well be the answer in New York.

Looking at Cousins, he is the prototypical NFL quarterback. He stands at 6’3″ and is slightly over 200 pounds. The aspect of Cousins that impresses me most though is his calm demeanor, as well as his leadership qualities. Through all the problems that have come about in Washington, Cousins has remained a true professional. In his three-year career he hasn’t the chance to be a full-time starter yet, and in New York he could certainly receive that opportunity.

In his career, Cousins has played in 14 games, starting only nine of those. He’s only 2-7 as a starting quarterback, but it’s impossible to judge him solely on those stats. Cousins has been on an awful Redskins team, other than his rookie season, where he served as the backup behind Robert Griffin III. I’ve seen this guy make every single throw.

Just re-watch the game against the Philadelphia Eagles (Week 3) this past season. Cousins had the best game of his young career, throwing for 427 yards and three touchdowns (1 interception). Obviously Philadelphia’s secondary is top-class, but 400 yards passing is impressive no matter who the competition is. Cousins was completed misused this season, which is why it is realistic that the Jets can make a move for him this offseason.

Cousins was originally quiet about his role with the Redskins, but the former Michigan State Spartans quarterback recently told NBC Washington that he is open to a trade if he isn’t named the opening day starter in 2015. Given New York’s other options, acquiring Cousins is a minimal risk-high reward scenario. This year’s class of free agent quarterbacks doesn’t feature anyone overly talented, and I don’t see anyone special in the upcoming NFL Draft either.

I’m not sure about other Jets fans, but I’m tired of not having a franchise quarterback. There’s been Chad Pennington and Vinny Testaverde, but even they weren’t considered elite signal-callers. New York is in rebuild mode, but in reality they are only a few pieces away from being a playoff team. A player like Cousins could be that drastic difference between 4-12 and 12-4 somewhere down the road.

Before you jump all over me, I don’t believe that the Jets will be 12-4 next season if by some chance they do acquire Cousins. All I’m saying is that he can be a consistent force in this offense, along with Eric Decker, Percy Harvin, and Chris Ivory. New York certainly needs to address the right side of the offensive line as well, but for the most part, the pieces are there in order to keep Cousins or any other potential quarterback upright. The Jets allowed 47 sacks in 2014, but the number is very skewed, as many of those were more on Geno Smith and Michael Vick holding the ball for too long.

The New York Jets need to jump on Cousins because at the age of 26, he is ready to be a full-time starter for an NFL organization. He may not be the answer, but again, he isn’t very risky and could potentially be a great find by the Jets. While he is under contract for one more season, it shouldn’t be difficult for Gang Green to acquire Cousins. A second- or third-round pick would likely need to be sent to Washington in order to receive the backup. He is set to make $660,000 in 2015, which would also allow the Jets to bring in more talent this offseason.

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