Ranking the top 10 NFL head coaches of all-time

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Wondering who the greatest coaches in NFL history are? You’ve come to the right place.

The history of the NFL is vast and it has no shortage of great head coaches. However, not all great coaches can be included in a top 10 coaches of all-time list. For a sport that dates back to 1920 trimming the list of best coaches to 10 is not the easiest task. Some truly elite coaches didn’t make the cut; that is what makes this list such an impressive collection of talented NFL head coaches.

All eras of NFL history are represented on this list. I appropriately weighed the accomplishments of every high-profile coach that has ever walked NFL sidelines from 1920-2015. Some absolutely huge names didn’t make it — such is the nature of an exclusive list that is as trimmed as this one.

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I’m guessing that you, avid NFL fan, can guess a few of the names on this list. Perhaps you know about all of the coaches on this list. To get your brain going, I’ll give away a couple hints. This list includes two coaches from the earliest days of the NFL and one current NFL coach. Did a few names pop into your head? If so, awesome! Either way, enjoy this walk down the road of the NFL’s most iconic coaches in league history with me.

First, I want to list a couple honorable mentions. The names include Jimmy Johnson, John Madden, Tom Flores, Tom Coughlin, and Bill Parcells.

Alright, onto the top 10!

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