Pittsburgh Steelers: A Throwback to Their Playoff Quarterbacks

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Steelers fans, get ready for some useless trivia! Throughout the Pittsburgh Steelers storied franchise—that is, since 1933—how many quarterbacks have started a game for the team?

The correct answer is 58.

On to the next useless trivia question… Out of those 58, how many Steelers quarterbacks have led the black and gold to the postseason?

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If you guessed nine, you’d be correct! And for bonus points, only 1 of those quarterbacks led Pittsburgh to the playoffs before Terry Bradshaw appeared on the scene: Johnny Clement in 1947.

Isn’t trivia great?!

Of course, most of you probably remember most of their playoff games—Big Ben led Pittsburgh to three Super Bowls (two wins), Bradshaw to four titles in six years, etc.. But Throwback Thursday, I want to go way back and look at those nine talented gunslingers’ playoff debuts with Pittsburgh.

With the beginning of training camp nearing – and with all of those optimistic Steelers fan out there – I thought it would be nice to look back at these playoff games as we approach, what we hope, will be the Steelers 28th playoff appearance this year.

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