Why Chip Kelly should be Tennessee Titans Head Coach in 2016


On Monday, the Tennessee Titans let go of Ken Whisenhunt who actually had his team hanging with a lot of teams this year, but in the end they always seemed to lose the game. The problem for Whisenhunt was that he was the head coach of a team that really didn’t have too much talent yet. Mike Mularkey will take over the team for what will most likely be the rest of the season, but then the Titans coaching search will be fully underway. So the question about who their new head coach will be, is already a question that the front office is asking itself. There is only one real option and that option is Chip Kelly.

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Yes, I know Kelly is currently the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and has basically just traded himself the team that he wants, but he has already tried to give up everything for Mariota. If you remember, Kelly offered two first round picks, a third round pick, Fletcher Cox, Brandon Boykin, Sam Bradford and Mychal Kendricks. All those starters plus three picks all just for Mariota seems like a lot, but nobody knows Mariota better than Chip Kelly. He knows that Mariota is a future star and Kelly will look to build a dynasty that will rival Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

Look the Eagles aren’t going anywhere. If they somehow play amazing, they will finish their season 7-2 giving them a 10-6 record which could be enough to make the playoffs,  Realistically the Eagles finish the season either 8-8 or 7-9, they will not make the playoffs and disappoint. Then Sam Bradford will leave, leaving the Eagles with Mark Sanchez and another quarterback they either pick up in free agency or the draft. Either way, the quarterback won’t be very good, so the Eagles aren’t playoff bound for at least the next two years after this as well.

The Titans are the perfect team for Kelly anyways. If he trades most of their players away nobody is going to care because they all aren’t very good. He’ll keep the few players that he likes on the team and then just put together a team full of players that he wants with the quarterback that he would give anything for. The expectations wouldn’t be very high in Tennessee either, so this is the perfect set up for Kelly and Mariota to form the next great dynasty in the NFL.

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This combination would be a dream for both Kelly and the Titans. If the Eagles are smart, they let Kelly go as well and just rebuild with the talent you have. Kelly won’t lead you to a championship, and they know he wants to go to Tennessee. Therefore it would be win-win-win- tie, as I would say the Eagles are the only team that isn’t really winning. So here goes my prediction for the AFC Championship in January of 2017: Tennessee Titans @ New England Patriots. It will be the old dynasty versus the new, though I am not bold enough to choose the winner of that one.