Eric Decker Scores, Headbutts Jets Fan Celebrating (Video)

An Eric Decker touchdown catch put the New York Jets up by 13 points, but one fan probably regrets celebrating with the wide receiver

New York Jets wide receiver Eric Decker was largely shut down in Week 1. As his team suffered a heartbreaking loss, the veteran wideout had to think he could have done more. On Thursday Night Football against the Buffalo Bills, he wasn’t about to let the same feeling creep up once again. He did his best job to prevent that from happening in the second quarter.

With the Jets already having pulled ahead 13-7 thanks to a Matt Forte touchdown, they were driving and looking for more. After Brandon Marshall made a couple of great plays once he returned from a knee injury, the Jets found themselves in the red zone. Ryan Fitzpatrick then stood tall in the pocket and looked into the back of the end zone. That’s where old reliable in Decker had broken free of his coverage. Fitzpatrick fired a ball right at his man and Decker hauled it in for six points.

Here’s a look at the pitch and catch from the Jets combo we saw plenty of times in 2015:

As if this wasn’t big enough for the Jets to put them up by 13 points (after the made extra point), Decker decided to add a bit of unintentional comedy to the mix. The receiver went up to the Jets fans in the front row of the end zone seats and was greeted warmly.

However, Decker may have been a bit too amped up as he accidentally headbutted one Jets fan. For reference, the fan was not wearing a helmet—Decker indeed was:

That’ll leave a mark in the morning. Even still, I think the Jets fan will take the mark on his forehead. His team went up by two scores due to the touchdown and went into halftime up 10 points. Not a bad look for being on the road.

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