Carson Wentz Can’t Work His Mouthguard (Video)

The best defense in the NFL is the least of rookie quarterback Carson Wentz’s worries today.

Heading into Week 7, everyone knew that the Philadelphia Eagles 2016 first round pick, Carson Wentz would have a tough go against the Minnesota Vikings. Minnesota came into the game unbeaten, mainly because their defense has played lights out all season.

Wentz found out early just how good their defense truly is. He threw his first interception at home, which was just a poor read. He forced it to his tight end Zach Ertz, but the ball sailed on him for an easy interception. Luckily his defense bailed him out, picking off Sam Bradford in the end zone.

However, Wentz gave the ball right back when he fumbled a handoff to his running back, Darren Sproles. The ball slipped out of his hand, causing an ugly exchange. Again, his defense bailed him out. They got to Bradford, stripping the ball as they sacked him. Philadelphia recovered and looked to have the momentum, but Wentz was having the worst game of his young career.

He avoided pressure like a seasoned veteran, but then he threw into quadruple coverage and threw his second interception of the game. All-in-all, there were five straight turnovers between the Vikings and the Eagles.

Some people would say that the Vikings defense is giving Wentz headaches, but those people are wrong!

The Vikings defense is easy. Especially you consider how hard it is to put your mouthguard in. Wentz found that out the hard way. Yeah, he has three turnovers and hasn’t looked too good this game, but the rookie tried to get fancy with his mouthguard and it failed, miserably.

Getting hit by the Vikings defenders isn’t bad when you consider that Wentz currently has dirt and grass in his mouth. It has been a tough day for the rookie. Lets hope he got a new mouthguard.

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